Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 10, 2013

Help Wanted: Help Publishing

Help Wanted: Need a person to take my blog posts, op eds, assorted writings and send them to the places which might publish them.

Pay: $0.00. My heartfelt best wishes. If I am ever paid, I’ll share in the gain.

I moved from writing weekly, almost, op eds in 2005/2006 to blogging. I was sending my op eds out to about 30 or so places to be published. (Google my full name and see where they landed). It took from a half an hour to a hour to format them for each site properly and launch them. I didn’t have the extra time.

I’m trying to communicate through writing. I have thousands of FB ‘friends’ I’ve never met – with common ideas and interests. My blog posts go to their pages. Sometimes they re-post.

I’d like to write more and send it out to the ink and web publishers, but I don’t have the time to do it. So, I’m asking for help.

As John Wayne said, “All I want is volunteers.”

Applicants: Please comment or message me with your email.


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