Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 21, 2013

Changing Directions 2013

Changing direction this late in life

Changing direction this late in life

For the past 10 years I’ve taken weeks to months in the start of every new year to find my pace, writing what I feel and think must be written, lest I burst.   Which, of course, is why I write.  I have to – lest I burst.  Even so, although I write by hand all the time (often using ink pens that flow with the feel of putting my soul on parchment) and so much more than this blog, I’ve hesitated for one reason or the other.  When the words finally came out, some of my best sharing of word to the tiny world who reads me was written.   This year is uniquely different.

(Search this site, if ye like, for the first few passages of each year to taste the flavors of the time.)

I’ve waited to talk about changing directions.  For many reasons.  To see if the new azimuth was set.  To weigh the ideas, and their words, in the balance to put them in the right priority.  To make them count to the people who read.  To have them serve the Lord Jesus Christ more than anything else.

I’m still sorting the messages, especially as the hand writing on the wall of time writes, moves on and writes again – as life unfolds like each season, of what to write first.  And on.

Three times in the past 4 years I’ve changed who I work for to earn my daily bread.  I made the same kind of changes 3 times in the 17 years from 1992 t0 2009.  Those changes were under my own power (after prayer) for better opportunities.  Then, I made 2 changes in 2009 and 2011 because the corporation lacked funds or lost the contract.  Both times, after the transition, I was making more income for my family than before.  This last change is different.

This one is personal.  It’s about my age and my income.  I haven’t landed yet.  But, I feel it is such a blessing to not be in a hostile workplace – the first I’ve felt in civilian life.

I’m throwing out fleeces.  Don’t know which side, wet or dry, will be up.  Don’t know where this goes.

I’m reading and writing – as I was commanded on March 15, 1987.  I’m trying to get healthier.  I’m looking for new work.  I’m living and serving in my hierarchy of duties as a man, I’ve always had.  I’m thinking about many things.

I’ll see what I have the light to see.

This is a time of changing directions.





  1. Jim…there is no doubt that God has His hand on you, and that He will, as He always has, direct your paths. Although our friendship is somewhat new, I knew, almost from the our first meeting via video teleconference…me in Baghdad and you in Newport News…that you were and are a Christ-follower. Remembering you and yours in my prayers to the Great I AM, I am.

  2. Thanks, Tom. I knew it was a meant to be friendship to work with you – from the start also. I’m just casting about and looking for the lighted path. Hope you are walking down yours now – as you had to do the same search.

    I’m thrilled – really – that you could tell from our telcons and emails from the start that I follow Lord Jesus Christ. That is great news to me.

  3. Not a great time to be looking for work, but a hostile workplace ruins a job.

    Changes of direction — transitions — are difficult, but we all must go through them. Small ones we make every day. Larger ones less often, but our Lord is with us with every change. When we listen, He helps make the right choices.

    May He bless you in your choices.

  4. Thanks, CT. God is good, all the time, no matter what. No matter what.

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