Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 15, 2013

My Ides of March

Julius had his.  I had mine.

Julius had his. I had mine.

Julius Caesar was murdered on his Ides of March, 44 AD.  James Atticus Bowden was changed on his Ides of March, 1987 AD.  I always remember the date of my experience because the Ides of March is so easy to recall.  Thanks, Julius.

I’ve shared my experience in previous blog posts and in the foreword of my book, Rosetta 6.2 –


So, this Ides of March, let me speak to the messages I got.  Leave the tale in the telling to my other accounts.
Message 1:  “There is a light and a warmth on the other side.”

7 years of prayer were answered.  I knew that my identity physically goes somewhere in universe or in a dimension to a place.  It’s brightly light.  It’s warm there.  I can go there when I die.  You can, too.

Message 2: “You will not command – in peace or war.  You will read and write.”

The desire of my heart after 15 years of commissioned service in the Infantry – to command again, as often as allowed, and to command in combat – would not be.  Ever.  The soul of my life force for waking to work – and my identity as an infantryman and officer had to end to do something else.  Something I was commanded to do.  For work’s wages, in the community of Christ, and for whatever He Wills.

Message 3:  This message was a feeling that carried a message.  “It felt like I wasn’t wearing clothes and a warm air blew in between my ribs.  It blew me up like a balloon.  The warm air gave me a feeling of joy and peace I’ve never felt before or after.  It was the best feeling I’ve had in my life.  It lasted for weeks.  It faded by degrees.”

The warm air was like the breath of Aslan.  Maybe it was His.

Three messages in a moment, or was it just a few seconds, on my Ides of March were my life-changers.   Every day is a life changer of sorts.  It’s where and when we live life.  One day at a time.  From rising to resting.  But, my Ides were the clear demarcation of change for me.

My prayers for understanding were answered with a promise.  My purpose was changed against my will for the better.  Always for good.  For many better reasons than my personal passions.  And, I was given opportunities to pour those personal passions into reading and writing.

I don’t know how many more Ides I have in this flesh.  But, for as many days as the one, only, true, living God shall make all things new for me to think, speak and do, I’ll recall my personal Ides.  I’ll refresh my mind as to my purpose, as opposed to many time consuming and rightful duties as a man.   As I have the light to see and strength to do, I’ll fulfill my purpose with a disciplined passion.

I don’t know if my Ides speak to another living soul.  I don’t know your life-changing times.

Life brought many, many things since 1987.  Good and bad.  Righteous and evil.

After years of kicking at the goads or seeking something bigger than the present to be a more special place and time for  ‘reading and writing’ I stumbled upon the words that carry my day.  Every day.

Life is hope.  Hope is life.

Life is hope. Hope is life.

It’s the Hebrew way of saying something twice for emphasis.  Thrice shouts.

Life is Hope.

Hope is Life.

A hopeful life and a living hope are one.

I will hold this candle of light until my last breath.

Thank You and Praise You, Lord Jesus Christ.



  1. beautifully written, honored to read of your Ides.

  2. RP: Thanks very much.

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