Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013


Welcome 2013.   Come on in and ‘set’ a spell.  I’m ready for you.

2012 was a blessing upon a blessing for our Clan – Bonnie Kyle Buchanan was born July 15th, 2012.  The other grandbabies are healthy.  Son-in-law came home from 5th combat tour and successfully completed his time in service.   Without deprecating any other good thing, I’ll not list the all the blessings of the year.  Likewise, I’ll not list the challenges – old Army euphemism for ‘problems’.  But, those challenges live in our lives – as with all people.  (You may recall Richard Cory).

Yet, this CHRISTmas was different and better than many in the past.  This coming New Year has more hope than many, many in the past.

The first big piece to move on the chess board is where sons get new jobs.   Then, we’ll look for land to build on.  Land to live on.  For me, most likely, the land I’ll die on – depends on what the Lord’s plan is.

Then, all the other pieces move – more jobs, selling houses, building homes, finding schools, etc.   If that is the Lord’s plan, I’m thrilled to see how it unfolds.

I have hope.  Hope is life.  Life is hope.

2012 worlds collide

Then, there were two worlds colliding in 2012.  Our earth didn’t die, but our Country is in jepardy.   The worlds of my America and socialist, nanny-state, Liberal America collided in the long, painful election.   The re-election of Barry Soetero to POTUS for 4 more, long years makes every step back to restore the Constitution and our federal republic more difficult.  It increases the chances for civil strife when the restoration comes.  It increases the chances for civil strife because of some Federal bullying unbound by the drive of a radical Leftist and narcissist.   It lengthens the time the economy will be depressed – and many millions of Americans will needlessly suffer from the folly of Leftist economic destruction.

The two worlds of Islam and all others collided – as they have since Mohammed’s first genocide in 627 AD.   We – ‘the all others’ world led by America someday – will win.  Events of 2012 are putting greater events into motion for 2013.  We win.  I just don’t know when.  Or, how painful the victory will be.

Yet, again, I have hope.


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