Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 8, 2012

Republicans Need to Deal With Ruthless People

Ruthless People
In the movie ‘Ruthless People’ the clowns deal poorly with ruthless people.  In politics, life imitates art – again.

The Republican clowns dealing with ruthless Democrats is not as fun to watch as the movie.  The consequences are too real.

Danny Devito, playing ruthless bad guy Sam Stone said, “A bad salesman will automatically drop his price.  Bad salesman make me sick.”

The Establishment Republican leadership in the House of Representatives automatically dropped their price in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  They dropped their price to give Bad King Obama everything he asked for last Summer.  Of course, the King, like Danny – Sam Stone, refused.   He doubled his price from $800 billion to $1.6 trillion.

Worse, and more pathos than drama, the Republicans used the Democrat’s language that deductions = loopholes.  Rush Limbaugh absolutely nailed it in his commentary on the Republicans ceding the language.  Using the language of ruthless people gives up the power of ideas to them.  It’s abject surrender.

I’ve seen this play before.  Virginia’s Republicans performed such shabby political theater in 2004.  The ruthless people, lead by the classic mime then-Governor Mark Warner, had a going in bid to raise taxes $2 billion.  The Republicans didn’t want to raise taxes.  They compromised by raising taxes over $1 billion.  It was the largest tax increase in Virginia history.   All 400 years of Virginia history.   Way to go, Clowns.

Now, the U.S. House Republicans don’t want to raise tax rates, but they are willing to raise taxes.   They’re even willing to call it Revenues, like the ruthless people.

The Republicans can’t conceive of starting with a proposal to lower taxes.  Then, the compromise – the essence of politics – would be to NOT raise taxes.

Let’s say it simply again.  The compromise between zero and 2 = 1.  The compromise between minus 2 and plus 2 = zero.  D’oh.

The Republicans are dealing with ruthless people.  Raising taxes kills jobs.  Raising the rate of taxes is class warfare.  Class warfare never ends well.  Socialism deprives personal freedom as much as it denies individual economic opportunity.

Wouldst that the Establishment Republicans play the part of hero in this Shakespearian drama, rather than a knave in a petty farce.

Pass a bill that cuts taxes – permanently – and pass it on to the U.S. Senate.   Do your Constitutional duty.  Play your role well.  Be done with it.

Don’t be the poor puppets of Bad King Obama.


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