Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 17, 2012

Our Wobbly Republicans

Wimpy Republicans in Congress will cut a deal with Obama to raise taxes

Sooner or later the Republicans in Congress will rollover and give Obama his tax hikes.  When polls say 57% of Americans want taxes raised on “the rich”, the Establishment Republicans go wobbly.  When polls say 57% of Americans don’t want Obamacare, the Democrats don’t give an inch.

Here is Virginia Governor’s Bob McDonnell’s excuse for tax hikes for the wealthy, “As a piece of an overall package with tax reform that is more comprehensive, I think it’s something that absolutely has got to be discussed.  We’re in deep, deep trouble in America right now and I think with the president in power there’s no way to get a budget solution that’s spending cuts only.”

And here is Virginia 1 CD Congressman Rob Wittman’s excuse, “I will continue to work hard to rein in our government’s debt and facilitate an environment where businesses can innovate, expand, and hire people. At the same time, tax reform is a necessary part of any solution as well, providing economic growth and broadening the revenue base without increasing taxes on our job-creating small businesses.”

Pretend the Establishment Republicans compromise their ‘no taxes’ pledge and the principles of the Virginia Republican Creed by raising taxes only on persons earning $1million a year in wages.  Just those evil really rich guys.  Pretend it’s only the sports stars, Hollywood stars and CEOs making over $10 million a year.  They’ve compromised a principle.  They’ve engaged in class warfare.  They forfeit the moral authority to argue against tax increases in the future.

It gets better.  Assume the Establishment Republicans rollover to give Barry the full $1.6 trillion in taxes.  That may look like it balances the books.  Except taking capital out of the economy kills jobs.  Even if it is from the evil rich.  Even if they won’t feel it.  Killing the capital in taxes kills jobs.  Killing jobs lowers tax revenue.  Killing jobs raises government spending on welfare and Medicaid, etc.  And, voila, the descent into more deficits and deeper socialist circles of Hell continues.

Thank you, Establishment Republicans.

The more the Establishment carves out in immediate spending cuts and less it takes in taxes – from whatever creative “broadening the revenue base” they rob – the better for the economy.  Wish them well in making the best of their cave in.

Tax cuts and spending cuts could create $6 trillion in capital and 12 million jobs in 4 years.  But, alas, Romney and Ryan lost.  That $6 trillion would produce over a $1 trillion in additional taxes.  The budget would balance.   And, with entitlement reform, the deficit could start coming down – paid in real cash.

Note to Tea Party:  If you want to primary Establishment Republicans, you should pick your single strongest candidate by July 4th 2013.



  1. When the Democrats have a someone leading a nationwide ticket and a full-throated roar from the Socialist Democrat news media, Republicans have a problem. In the years between presidential elections, we can still win, but we have to replaces the Wimpies or it will not make any difference.

    • We can win in both elections. Takes candidate, issues and campaign just a little bit better than the other. Takes turn out > cheating. Thanks CT.

  2. The reaction of Republicans to the election defeat this year seems to fit two different models: Virginians in 1861 or Virginians in 1865. The leadership seems to be in the 1865 mode. They are mostly Scalawags.

    At this point I am so discouraged with the Republican party as the standard bearer for us who are Patriots, that I doubt it can be saved. People won’t identify Constitutionalists in time to run as you urge, the Establishment types will fight harder against us (ala Todd Akin) than against the other side.

    It may be more prudent to finally (I know, it runs against the CW) go third party. Take it over completely as a fresh brand, run our Fremont to get started and then get our Lincoln on deck.

    Right now I feel like Wallace as he went to fight the English expecting his fellow Scotsmen to be on his flanks, but found he had been betrayed by his own as they had cut a deal.

    These Republican guys are unreliable at best, and more likely scoundrels. I think we may need a new team. This country is worth fighting for. Where are the true Sons of Liberty? Will anyone fight with us?

    “. . . men may cry: peace! peace!; but there is no peace. . .”
    – A old Virginian worth listening to

  3. Love the smoke and mirrors on the argument over taxes, and adding in the bit about class warfare is great. As long as the two Parties can keep people focused on the “Evil” Rich and the “Lazy” workers then they won’t ask awkward questions about how large Congresses staffs are, how big a budget they each have and how many committees and subcommittees are redundant or unnecessary.
    Think about it, in a Divorce the only one who wins is the Lawyers. In this stoking of far right and far left warfare the winners are those stalwart defenders of their respective moral constructs. (By the way they will probably need a bigger staff next year in order to keep pace in the legislative arms race we have going.)
    If you want to see some real moral authority, lets see someone start reducing the congressional budgets, staffs and the number of Congressional Committees. I’d like to see some moral strength put forward to create a more efficient Congress. For too long our representatives have been in the habit of tossing money at problems, and measuring their success by the size of their budgets, staffs and the number of committees they are on. And because the Congress enjoys drinking their own bath-water, guess what, everyone else in DC measures success in the same way, by how big an increase in budget and manpower they have over last year.
    So kudos in helping to camouflage the underlying problem and misdirecting everyone.

    • The issue is spending. Cutting spending is most important. The secondary issue is taxes. Cutting taxes and not killing capital is the real deal.

      • Agree that cutting spending is important, but until Congress (in total) moves away from measuring their personal success by the size of their staffs and the number of committees they are on or chair (all of which costs money) I see us trapped in the same cycle in the future.
        I’d also be happy if we didn’t pop the clutch on the economy so we could maybe have some breathing room to grow next year.

  4. Google Huffman Advance at Va Beach, Cavalier Hotel in a week. Buy a $50 ticket. Go meet Ken Cuccinelli. Rub elbows with Mark Obenshain and Rob Bell who want to be AG. Check out the pack running for Lt Gov. Give them one more run in 2013. Best of luck looking for Constitutional Republicans by July 4th to run in 2014. If the Republicans go the way of the Whigs – so it goes.

  5. Sixty percent of all federal spending is unconstitutional, and forty percent of every dollar spent by the federal governemt is borrowed. So anyone with half a brain knows how we got into this mess, as well as how to get out of it. Put the big government genie back in the bottle, and live with our means. It’s so simple that a 10 year old can figure it out.

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