Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 11, 2012

Looking Forward from Veteran’s Day 2012

Active duty soldiers attack veterans at the 1932 Bonus March

Happy Veterans Day to all veterans present and past.

A few words for veterans future:

Sorry guys.  So sorry that you will have to serve another 4 years under Barry Soetero and this liberal, socialist, progressive, d’himmi, appeasing, PC, emasculating, homosexual promoting, surrender first, Democrat minions.

Sorry that 80,000 soldiers will be on the streets in a bad Obama economy.

Sorry that you will have to listen to the indoctrinations from the Ministry of Truth masquerading as the Department of Defense.

Sorry that you may be deployed to contingencies that would have never happened – if America was seen as stronger.   More sorry if you are sent to the wrong war at the wrong time and place because of the misplaced moral outrage or some other dysfunction of this crew in charge.

Not sorry that Chaplains get to witness the risen living Jesus Christ by preaching The Word – and paying the consequences.

Sorry that the upper ranks will be selected on their political correctness for another 4 years.

Sorry for all the Vets of 2012 – 2016.

Hang tough.  America is worth it.

Officers – your oath is to the Constitution, not Barry Soetero.  Never forget it.



  1. Bitter sounding but true.
    Amazing how fat most sailors at the bases around here are today. We are a softer, fatter and more feminized force today. Now the Marine Corps is sending women to infantry officers school. They will soften them as well.
    With Petraeus’ resignation and the revelations of how closely tied he and his wife were to the Democrats makes you wonder how many of the top brass still support the Constitution as their oath says or the party.
    None bodes well for our armed Forces.

    • Thanks. I don’t like sounding bitter. It will be a long 4 years. I’ll reach for more defiant.

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