Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 8, 2012

TEA Party Tasks

Once more into the breach. For America.

Elections have consequences.   The 3 million McCain voters who didn’t show up for Romney and Obamabots will get what they deserve.  The rest of us won’t.  I’m truly sorry and sad for the economic pain, decline in American power, and assaults on the Constitution and Republic.  I’m sincerely disappointed at how many Americans are so profoundly stupid, emotional, sheeple.  I’ll be damned if I give up my liberty and freedom – and that of my family, clan and faith – to them.  Not as long as I breathe.

As my Scot-Irish ancestors swore – No Surrender.

Moving from defense to offense, now, once more into the breach.

Here are the tasks the TEA Party folks need to do.

Get candidates for Congress and State offices in 2014.  Get your best candidates by July 4th, 2013.   It’s not the far away.   September is late, but July is better.   In each district agree on ONE candidate.  Start running hard.

Win the primaries in the Republican Party – for open seats or against Establishment Republicans in the first 6 months of 2014.  Hold the incumbents accountable from Jan to July – and decide if they need to be replaced.  If the district is more liberal, then support a Constitutional stalwart who is socially liberal – if they are the best candidate.  Support the social conservative Constitutional patriot for more conservative districts.

Start 503 political action committees for each district and state, raise money and keep raising money.  Keep staff, salaries and all overhead to an absolute minimum.

Figure out how many votes you need to win in Nov 2014.  Divide by 100 and get that many volunteers by name.  Build the organization – starting now.





  1. Re read Matthew 24.
    Did we really think that things would get better? That life would be easy as Christians in a post Christian country? If we just trust in horses and chariots. . .
    Were we oblivious to the signs?

    What do we do now? First, forget all the nonsense about moderating our positions on moral issues. It isn’t about being popular or winning elections. It is about being faithful to HIM and HIM alone. Particularly when the majority doesn’t. Get used to it. Be bold!

    I agree we should not quit, but continue work to elect God fearing Constitutionalists, maybe not necessarily Republicans, no more compromise there anymore, good men and women, but if they lose, they lose.
    Quit trying to win on our own trusting in our own resources. We need to be like Gideon and send home our troops and trust in the Lord to glorify Himself. God likes to win when it is clear He did it and not we ourselves.

    But, Don’t despair!

    Part of this week after the election I was down. Really down.
    But then, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, I cried, “don’t you know the events of this week? But just like back then, He said cheer up why are you so sad. The big picture is I won!

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