Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 7, 2012

No Surrender


Barry Soetero won a second term.  The consquences for America will be tough.  The Democrats won a campaign, not the war.  Or, the multiple wars waging across our country.

I don’t know why there wasn’t more turnout for Romney.  I’ve heard some explanations of micro-campaigning.  Regardless, the wars continue. 

The fundamental divide is worldview.  The Christians and believing Jews, free market, Constitutionalists – Conservatives – hold to the ideas of the American Revolution.  The pagan human secularists, socialists, statists – Liberal Progresssives – hold to the ideas of the French Revolution. 

Furthermore, one predicate for adhering to which worldview is whether a person reads the Holy Bible – and how often.  Compare a map for Bible reading with the electoral map.

Another fight is for the control of the Republican Party.  The Constitutional Republicans must decide to keep fighting the Establishment Republicans or create a third party – as the Republicans did to the Whigs. 

Demographics are destiny will conflict with ideas – that motivate humanity – changing what the demographics mean. 

Meanwhile, the social issues, illegal immigration, energy, inflation, and all the economic consequences of wrong policy will play out over 4 long years.  Obamacare and tax increases will wreak havoc.  Appeasement and weakness to the Islamists will continue.  Liberal justices – Commies – will be appointed to the Supreme Court.  It will be a very, long hard four years.

But, the Republic isn’t over.  Yet. 

As the Bible says about 450 times – Do Not Fear. 

Be defiant in defeat.  No Surrender. 

More on this later.






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