Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 5, 2012

Dewey, Carter and Obama Win

He who laughs last laughs loudest

Dewey, Carter and Obama Win!

The Ministry of Truth says the opinion polls proclaim it.  The polls in the voting booth will tell the real tale.  As they did for Truman and Reagan.

It all depends on turnout.  And how much turnout can offset cheating.

Pretend the Democrat turnout is as high as it was in 2008.  Then, look at Republican and Independent turnout as high as 2010.  If both things happen, then Romney wins.

On the other hand, the Democrats insist their turnout will be like 2008 – and so it will be with Republicans and Independents.  Barry Soetero’s campaign guy from his Chicago roots – Axelrod – says they will win.  Confidence or delusion or what is this?

I was in grad school #1 in 1980.  Near Boston, Massachusetts.  In my “Government and Business in a Mixed Economy” class, the rare Republican professors, Dick Darman and Roger Porter, held a secret ballot.  I think Carter won 15 votes, Anderson got 10 votes and Reagan got 5 votes (Guess who I voted for) .  The national polls said it was dead even, but it looked good for Carter.  I had no idea that Reagan was going to clean up.  Oops.

Romney and Ryan’s margin of victory should be at least 2.5% nationally.  It could be up to 7%.  Locally, it will vary.

We, The People, will win.  We need to hold Romney and Ryan accountable from day one.



  1. At the poll in VB at 0655. Stood in line for an hour. Lots of voters. Interesting watching people, one cannot really tell how they will vote. It used to be easy to look at things such as clothing, but today most of the “rich” are liberals. . .
    My precinct went narrowly for McCain last time. Both candidates for VA2 live in this precinct. Didn’t see either one this morning.
    Please vote today!

    Deo Vindice! Sola Deo Gloria.

  2. Thanks, DV. Happy days are here again.

  3. Looks like our turn out turned in.

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