Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 4, 2012

Election 2012 Is the Most Important Since 1860

Too many citizens couldn’t live with the outcome of the election. Way too many died in the bad things that followed.

The Democrats thought they couldn’t live with the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln.  They were convinced that Lincoln would use the power of the Federal government to declare slavery illegal or otherwise damage the economy of states where slavery was still legal.  1776, slavery was legal in every state.  In the 1780s Northern state legislatures started to end slavery.   The Constitution of 1787 included slave and free states.   It was up to the state legislatures of the sovereign states to decide.   That looked like it would change in 1860.

South Carolina didn’t wait to see what would happen in the Lincoln Administration.  Politics lead to that most awful extension of politics by other means – war.   America’s worse war followed.

Since 1860, the toughest election didn’t threaten to split the country into warring camps.  The elections of 1968 and 1972 provided candidates from both sides of the deeply divided American Nation.   When the electorate supported the Conservative (Republican) massively, the Nation didn’t devolve into civil war.

The election of 2012 is the most important election since 1860.   The issue is even bigger than the deeply divisive state right for chattel slavery.  The issue is the Constitution, itself, and The Rule of Law.

Yes, I know the election will be won or lost about perceptions on the economy.   That is important to the Nation, but still not as important as the foundation of our Republic.   America can survive 4 more terrible years – even if we brush up against bankruptcy – because we will still be America – and Virginia.

If Barry Soetero is re-elected, the damage done to the Constitution and The Rule of Law can be fixed, too.  But, the further America moves from a Nation of laws, not men, the more it will take revolutionary zeal and political actions to overturn every bad law, wrong judicial ruling and awful executive order and regulation.  At some point, like in 1775, Rights can be so abused that only the armed overthrow – real revolution – can restore our Rights under The Rule of Law.   Which is why the problem should be fixed at the polls in 2012.

It will be much harder – with much more to do – to fix the abuses of power and the Constitution in 2016.

Tuesday, November 6th, vote for America.  Vote for Republicans to stop the damage and start the repair to the Constitution.   Hold them accountable from day one.

Both sides will continue to move apart from each other.  If Conservatives and Libertarians can keep working control of the Federal Government for a season of years, we, The People, can restore liberty and freedom.   Economic opportunity will expand in tandem.  Eventually, one side or the other will win this Culture War.

The first step to many victories is on Tuesday November 6th.  Vote for Romney and Ryan.  Vote Republican.



  1. Jim: Bravo. I’ve never been so involved in a political cause as this one. There will be life if Obama wins, but we will live in deteriorating misery…

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