Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 10, 2012

Great Columbus Day 2012

Columbus with Indians

Happy Columbus Day 2012!

Great day to celebrate the discovery of the New World and its conquest for Western Civilization.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s declaration said “we celebrate our heritage as a people born of many histories and traditions.”   Actually, Americans have one history.  The history that happened in other places in the world – unless it involved American citizens – isn’t our American history.   Americans may have different traditions for how they celebrate things – like CHRISTmas – but we, Americans, have only one civilization.  One National culture.  The significant  sub-cultures contribute to the formation of the whole – they don’t stand out as different and separate

Admiral of the Seas Christopher Columbus discovered the Indians.  These Amerindians were new news to Europe – as were their continents.   President Obama calls on us to “ reflect on the tragic burdens tribal communities bore in the years that followed.”  Oh.  Getting conquered leads to tragic burdens.  (Memo to Civilizations and their basic cultures:  Never lose a war or an invasion.)

Conquest was rough for  all of Europe, Africa and Asia that fell to the Romans.  Yet, no one  takes a national holiday for a modern country, like Bastille Day for the French, to reflect on the tragic burdens their tribal communities bore.  After Rome conquered, the subjugated people prospered as Romans under Roman rule.   Roman Civilization built up after it took.   American Civilization did even better.

American Civilization brought Christianity to the Amerindians.  Millions of people gained salvation and a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.  Don’t blame the diseases, enslavement and murder of natives on Christianity.  It’s true that ideas about colonization and Christianity motivated the explorers and conquerors.  The moral rationalization for colonization taints the persons who made the excuses for raping, killing, and enslaving.  (Like Islamists who supposedly hijack Islam.)

Eventually, liberation, uplifting and mercy came from Christianity.  The collaborative role for the church-state was distinguished by nationality.  Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, French and English church-state colonies made different decisions.  The American experience had its share of sin and shame.  Yet, the gain as we became our America is greater than the former dark continent of pagan ignorance and savagery.

The Indians were more than 2000 years behind Western Civilization when Columbus found them. There is no parallel today – Islam’s civilizations are 800 years behind the West.  The differences between civilizations – based on fundamentally different cultures – are staggering.  Our Declaration of Independence specifically cites “the merciless Indian savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions” as a reason to rebel.  That’s the reality of the Founding Fathers’ observations, not the ‘racism’ of presentism.

Today is good day to celebrate.  Not self-flagellate.  Not trash our history, heritage, culture, country and civilization.  Be glad how much better things are today.  How much kinder and gentler our culture, country and civilization are – after the Enlightenment and Great Awakenings transformed Christian thought. It’s been a spectacular 520 years for the Americas and our United States of America.

Having acknowledged what a good thing it is that Columbus discovered America, I’d add that I’ve loved learning about Amerindians since I was a boy.  Their cultures were fascinating.  Their history is extraordinary.  They are great Americans.  They need to be freed from the socialism of Federal Reservations.  They have much to take pride in history and heritage.  They should be much more proud in the future living out and away from socialism and gambling.

Way to go, Chris.

Columbus without the Indians


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