Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 3, 2012

Debate for Dummies

Democratic voting in a Republic shouldn’t hinge on dunces

The first of three Presidential debates is intended to sway the three or four per cent of Americans who claim they really don’t know who to vote for President.  They are the absolute dunces of our days.  They’re so clueless that they haven’t chosen in the most important election since 1860.   What are they waiting for?  What sign are they seeking?  Or, what do they need? 

It’s a pity that they still vote.  Better for America if all the undecideds just stayed home.  Let the turnout for Republicans compete against the cheating for Democrats.  See which passion wins in the 6 to 10 swing states. 

The issue of Obamacare, alone, casts bright lights on the choice for America.  Will the Rule of Law become the rule of men?  Or, will the Rule of Law get a moment to catch its breath before fighting to restore the Constitution (which Romney won’t do when he is elected) or die trying?  Can the Federal Government order you to any behavior – and fine you if you don’t do what you are told? 

Then, there is fiscal cliff when the Bush Tax cuts end and Obamacare tax hikes start.  Cliff doesn’t capture what danger the nation faces.  More taxes and spending are national suicide.  Far more messy and personal than driving a vehicle off a cliff – no matter how high the edge above or how sharp the rocks below.  Imagine drinking a caustic to kill yourself, like Drano, and splashing all over your face – to die through agonizing hours for days.  Except, it’s our Nation of 300 Million being robbed, raped and then murdered. 

The socialists, statists, liberals, progressive, communists, and fools of other stripes don’t think such gruesome days follow Obama’s re-election.  They reject the thoughts as they reject economic reality, military power and the ways of the world.  They reject truth as much as they embrace Political Correctness. 

Now, who are these undecided folks who don’t see their family, friends and neighbor Obamatrons as lemmings?  Sheeple? 

What reaches these people in the political theater of these so-called debates? 

I can’t imagine what would work to win their votes.  Godspeed, Mitt Romney, in winning them with whatever you and your supporters do in the days remaining.   

Meanwhile, think, speak and work – pray – for turnout, turnout, turnout of votes in swing states to fire Barry Soetoro. 



  1. Spot on Jim!
    Unbelievable that the decision is up to the lease informed, least involved, and arguably least competent to play such as decisive role.

    • If one side juices turnout that can overcome the decision being left to the dunces.

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