Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 7, 2012

End of Summer 2012

What Summer was this?

Summer is unwinding this September in the Year of our Lord Jesus Christ Two Thousand and Twelve.   What Summer was this?  Oh, Summer of 2012, I hardly knew ye.   There were some hot days.   I saw on the news how much drought and fire damaged so much of America.  But, I didn’t have a Summer.  Really.  I didn’t get to savor the season.  I didn’t sweat enough outside to live the Summer as it is here in Tidewater Virginia – bright, hot and humid.   So, what Summer was this?

First, let’s go back to the Summer of 2003.   On very short notice from my boss, I went to Israel and Romania on a business trip.  We returned right before Labor Day.   Because business travel overseas is Business Class we got to use the airline courtesy lounges – and my boss had an access card, too.   The lounge at the Paris airport was filled with tanned persons returning from their month off.   Their conversation oozed the convenient privilege of wealth.  Where they were, their business dealings and to what they returned – was a step above working stiff.   Maybe several steps.   My note to self: “Earn enough to have this kind of financial freedom to take a month off and do as you please anywhere in the world.”

Reality check:  Hasn’t happened yet.

The Summer of my 40th year after graduation from West Point started working very long hours supporting the U.S. Army as a contractor doing ‘Futures’.   Interesting work.   Great guys to work alongside.  Long hours doing what I’ve done for 20 years.    Doing it to the best of my ability.

But, clearly, despite income advancement,  I haven’t achieved the financial freedom that produces the nonchalance of a month’s Summer vacation.  Still saving, but not there yet – if ever.

Then mid-Summer my baby, youngest of three grown children, had a baby.  We rushed to Georgia.  Their precious daughter, Bonnie Kyle Buchanan, had complications after birth with an infection.  All is well, thank You, Lord Jesus Christ and wonderful medical staff.   But, the emotional toll through that time was exhaustion.  Not a Summer vacation.   Then, there was a quick bounce back to wage-labor for me and return for son-in-law’s Master’s Degree graduation.  Special time, but not flat-lining on a beach.

Upon return, I got the focus for an event in September.  A ‘Futures’ seminar.  The pace of work picked up.  It hasn’t let up and won’t until ENDEX.

Along the way there was this time.

Papa Bowden and 3 angels

Every minute of time with grand babies is a blessing from Lord Jesus Christ.  Even when they are screaming at each other or crying for the tragedy de la seconde.

And, every day is a blessing to just breath.   Even if most of the day is spent working indoors in glorious, explosive, bountiful, beautiful living Summer.

Yet,  I must say, there hasn’t been much time to savor.  Just enough time to live and work.

Vacation wasn’t vacation.   It was sharing time at the beginning of time for another blessed daughter of our Clan.  A precious bright light who will bless us, praise the Lord, and live life well – and follow her mother and father in the path of their footsteps.

Presenting this Summer 2012:  The darling, darling Bonnie Kyle Buchanan.

My Maggie and wee Bonnie

So, what a wonderful Summer 2012 was!  Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ.

God is good.  All the time.  No matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT.



  1. hey could i use your summer 2012 picture for a ebook cover?

    • Top graphic is borrowed. Bottom one of me and kids – I don’t think you want that one.

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