Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 2, 2012

Silence DoGood Nelson on Mediscare

From the Yorktown Crier-Poquoson Post (August 23- August 29, 2012)

Who Burnt the Popcorn?

Number 3: “No Grandma Should Be Pushed Over a Cliff”

In an office break room somewhere on Route 17.  Or, is it Wythe Creek Road?

“Who burnt the popcorn?” asked Tom, the sales manager and senior citizen.

Jeremy, the IT guy, burst through the door.  “Whoa, Dude, that stinks.”

“Yeah, Dude, you better open the window, before Mary comes in!” said Tom.

Jeremy made a face when he pulled the blackened bag from the microwave.  “Ugh,” as he shook his head his ear plugs bounced against his neck.  “Shoulda disengaged sooner.”

“Disengaged from what?” asked Phil, the accountant. He took a huge bite on his sub.

“Watching this Ryan dude on the Net,” said Jeremy.

“You’re always on the Net,” said Gabriel.  “Some of us can’t do that.”

Jeremy laughed, “You have a wide-screen TV out there at the reception desk.  And, you’re on Facebook when you aren’t on the phone!”

“I don’t think so,” Gabriel focused back on her food.

“So, what do you think of Paul Ryan for Vice-President of these United States?” asked Tom.

“I heard he’ll end Medicare,” said Gabriel.

“I saw the video of him pushing Grandma off the cliff,” Phil laughed.

“Ryan – and Romney – will repeal Obamacare,” said Tom.

“Takes away our benefits,” said Gabriel.

“No.  Not what Paul Ryan proposed.  No Senior loses a penny.  Not one.  My sister who lives on Social Security, and that’s it, loses nothing.  But, you young folks get to choose if you want the Ponzi Scheme for Social Security and Medicare or invest your own money and keep it,” said Tom.

“Obamacare is free for everyone,” Gabriel offered.

“No way.  I bought a copy of the law.  It’s bigger than an old phone book.  Anytime a law is that big it’s taking away liberty.  And adding taxes.  Like three per cent gets added to the sale of every house to pay for Obamacare,” said Tom.

“What’s selling your house have to do with healthcare?” asked Phil.

“Nothing,” said Jeremy.

“It’s un-Constitutional for the Federal government to get so involved in healthcare,” said Tom.

“The Supreme Court says it is okay.  That’s the law,” said Phil.

“The Supreme Court said that Dred Scott could never be a citizen because he was black,” Tom looked directly into Gabriel’s kind eyes.  “And, in then they said separate but equal was equal until they said differently sixty years later.”

“Why is it un-Constitutional?” asked Jeremy.

“Because it’s not in the Constitution as a Federal power,” said Tom.

“What about the General Welfare clause?  Providing for the blah, blah, you know?” asked Phil.

“That’s the Preamble to the specified powers.  If it isn’t one of the seventeen powers Congress has, then it’s not supposed to be a federal law.  It’s un-Constitutional,” smiled Tom triumphantly.

“Healthcare is a Right,” said Gabriel.

“No.  It’s not a Right,” Tom gathered himself.  “Your rights aren’t what the courts say.  Judges make up stuff from the bench.  It just stands as law, cause the executive and legislative branches are too cowardly, or cravenly Liberal, to do their job.  The judiciary is just the third co-equal political branch of government.  They aren’t the priests or kings they pretend to be!”

“Cravenly Liberal?” Phil kept stuffing his food in.

“Yup, cravenly so when they let judges write laws they please.  From the bench,” Tom looked tired.  “Healthcare.  Look it up, it’s not in the Constitution,” said Tom.  He got up to go just as Mary came in the room.

The End.

By Silence Dogood Nelson


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