Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | August 25, 2012

Obama’s America 2016: Dinesh D’Souza’s Movie and America’s Choice

See much of what makes Obama tick

Great political movie.   Great work from an impressive scholar – Dinesh D’Souza.   Very interesting how D’Souza compared and contrasted his own life story with Barry Soetero, aka Barack Hussein Obama.  D’Souza included showing his critics, which helped disarm their arguments.  Well done.

Although, it is fair to say it isn’t a work of scholarship.  Which means, no one can say the cause and effect that makes BHO do what he has done – with empirical certainty.    The movie tells the tale of a great narrative.   A compelling story.   It provides a clear indication of how and why BHO’s vision for America is not what most Americans – including mobs of his less-informed, less-discerning  supporters see for America.

We can see how BHO’s ambiguously vague rhetoric allows people to fill out his empty suit with their own ideas.   Furthermore, we can see the political colors of his mentors.  Their red stripes are left, leftist, social liberation and communist.  They are impassioned by the sense of wrongs and humiliation in anti-colonialism which breeds resentment, hatred and prejudice.

I find the distinction that D’Souza made between the different grievances an authentic Black American could carry and those of a foreigner from a Third World country is  significant.   The distinction is how Dinesh D’Souza, a naturalized immigrant American, is more American, than BHO who grew up in America – minus 7 years as a Muslim’s kid in Indonesia – with an American mother and family.

It’s all about ‘being an American’ is an idea.   America and Americans are not a skin color.  They are a language – English.  America and Americans made American Civilization from a singularly, distinct branch of Western Civilization.   But, to be American is to believe in common American ideas.

Thus, Dinesh D’Souza is far more American than Barack Hussein Obama.   Even though BHO was elected President of the United States.

I wondered how a narrative could be very right or very wrong.  Could such a compelling story be compiled in error?

I’ve lived a life of introspection since I was a teenager.  Yet, I’ve never had enough narcissism to write so much about myself as BHO had ghost-written in two books about his empty little life.   Even though he has achieved great things and power politically, I see his life as being pathetically sad, wrong and empty.  I felt sorry for Barry at the end of the movie.  I felt America still remains threatened with every day he is in power, but I felt pity for the emptiness in POTUS.

Also, when I listened to BHO narrate the portions of his book that D’Souza used to weave his tale, I knew I could never write with such precision about my own life.  For example, I could make a list of things from my heritage and personal experience that could matter, but I don’t know which factors in what proportion in what manner made the difference that lead me, using free will, to do or say or think X,Y,Z.

For example, I was a Columbia when Barry was a Senior.  I was a grad student in his department.  Unfortunately, I can’t recall the name of any undergrad.  I may have had some of the same professors.  Yet,  I became more Conservative and improved my Christian apologetic there.  And, I took a course on Marxism!   How would a movie explain how differently we learned from our time at Columbia?

BHO’s writer picks and chooses the specifics to tell one tale – to weave one tapestry of a life.  D’Souza tells another tale from that story – to weave a different tapestry.  Neither are the complete person.  Both sell well to very different audiences.

A movie worth the watching.   Dinesh D’Souza is an American worth reading, listening and watching for years to come.

Another reason to get out the vote in November to replace Barack Hussein Obama as President.




  1. why are you so certain that president obama’s books were ghost written? i did my due diligence before leaving this comment and tried to find the answer myself by googling but failed to find anything of substance/credibility explaining why some people think his books were ghost written.

  2. As you did your due diligence how did the literary style of the books compare with the body of the President’s other writings?

    How did the literary style of the books compare to a person who got the test scores and grades Obama got?

    How did the “voice” of the books compare to Obama when he is not using a teleprompter to speak?

  3. right, i’ve heard those arguments before. to my mind, the obvious explanation for why dreams from my father is so much better than the audacity of hope is that he wrote the latter after many years in politics and books by politicians almost never make for very good reading. have you read A Time to Fight? it doesn’t come close to Fields of Fire or Born Fighting. Same exact phenomenon, IMO.

  4. CB, LOL. Compare either of Barry’s ghost-written books to his body of work. (Crickets chirping). And, his lack of credentials to indicate he could produce a complete sentence, let alone a body of work.

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