Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 19, 2012

Brae Bonnie Bonnie Kyle Buchanan

Mother and daughter Buchanan

Bonnie Kyle Buchanan was born at 3:16pm, Sunday, July 15th, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is the first born of my baby, Maggie Kyle, and her husband, Russell Buchanan.  She is our fourth grandchild.  Bonnie is named for her great-grandmother, the late Bonnie Kyle of West Virginia.

Bonnie weighed 8 lbs 12 ounces at 21 inches in birth.  She is still in the hospital because of an infection.  But, the Good Lord, prayers and medicines – and her fighting spirit – working well, she’ll be home tomorrow or soon.

“Brae” (brave) Bonnie Kyle is nursing well.  She’s fighting her infection – and fighting she’ll be her whole life, I suppose.  She’s Scot-Irish on both sides.  And both sides of both sides.  And, other mixtures of blood, heritage and history like all longstanding, well-settled Southerners.

Bonnie indeed, is Miss Bonnie.  Beautiful to our eyes and precious to our hearts.  From inside the womb, through life and death and for eternity she’ll be so beautiful and precious to her family, as she is to Lord Jesus Christ.  She has the dark hair of all my children at birth.  She has blue eyes today.  I have enough Viking and Saxon blood to be blonde all my life – though now the gray creeps up.   But I’m not light enough for my daughters and son, nor was Maggie’s fair husband to matter to old, bold dark Celtic genes.  Dark of hair and porcelain white of skin.

If, bonnie Bonnie Kyle lives 90 years she’ll see the century change over.   Oh, so much will happen between then and now.  There will be big events and tumultuous times.  Life will be lived – large and small.  Life that matters the most – will be family.

The first time I held her, I prayed over her for all of her life.  I whispered in her ear.  “May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you, watch over, hold you close and keep you whole and healthy all the days of your life.  May you live long and well and love the Lord. I love you darling precious Bonnie.”  And on.  My tears flowed freely.

Real man, tough guy that I am, I’ve cried a lot since Sunday.  Not sloppy slobbering, but a lot of silent warmed tears flow like water down my cheek.  A lot.

This is my baby’s first baby.  Every concern for her pregnancy and delivery added to every memory of her since birth added to complications in delivery added to infection tightened the piano wires around my heart.  I prayed – and know to trust God.  Faith means setting fears aside when fears are well-founded.  Faith means believing and trusting through hardships and pain.  I understand and have lived in faith – as incompletely as any broken man and as devoutly as any loving disciple.  But, this is my baby.  The other two, while grown, are still my babies, too.

When my daughter Maggie Kyle cries for the well-being of her baby, I cry.

When I know that Maggie and Bonnie are going to be fine, I am so grateful that I cry.  I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for good doctors and nurses and strong medicines – all touched and revealed to man from God.

I look forward to however much of this life the Lord lets me share with Bonnie.  I’m smiling so writing this.  While I’m aware of the terrible things of this life, I am exultant for all that is wonderful.  Every day.  My Mother lived it.  I try.  I hope Bonnie can become such a force in life.  For life.  For the Lord Jesus Christ.  For family – for Clan.

There is so much to share in joy and wonder – and hope – with bonnie, brae Bonnie.

Always family, family, family.

It’s been a joy to make up words to “My Bonnie lies over the ocean” to sing to Bonnie’s sweet ear.  Hope I’m blessed with many more times to sing my song to her.

I’m blessed by the fine man who is Bonnie’s father.  Russell Buchanan is the father a daughter will love as the best Daddy her whole life.

Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ for my youngest – Maggie, her husband – Russell, and their new blessing Bonnie Kyle.   May the road rise to meet them…

Papa and Bonnie



  1. Childbirth is both a joyful and frightening time.

    Given how we come into the world, is it not strange how many of us do not understand that we must risk much and work hard to achieve anything worthwhile? There are over seven billion of us on this little planet. Although too many were not received with love, most of our parents received us into this world as a priceless gift. So it is that our fathers strived to build us a home, and our mothers struggled through labor and childbirth. Then, if we were truly lucky, both our parents worked hard to discipline us and to give us the power of their own good example.

    Why did they love us so much? I wonder if that is what so many do not understand.

    1 John 4:19-21 Good News Translation (GNT)

    19 We love because God first loved us.20 If we say we love God, but hate others, we are liars. For we cannot love God, whom we have not seen, if we do not love others, whom we have seen.21 The command that Christ has given us is this: whoever loves God must love others also.

    “We love because God first loved us.” Just as God loves us undeserved, our parents love us undeserved — just because we belonged to them. That is why the greatest blessing a child can have is someone who loves them. Such love sets before that child a lifelong example. Love is not something we earn. Love is what we freely choose to give.

    Congratulations! May our Lord bless Bonnie Kyle Buchanan and her family and friends.

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  3. It is my duty to inform you, according to the guidelines for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, that Citizen Tom has nominated you for it: If you so choose to accept, it will be my pleasure. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  4. Thanks, CT. Like minds in the same gutter (old joke). I accept gratefully.

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