Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 4, 2012

Your Personal 4th of July

Nathan Hale knew how serious the Declaration of Independence was

The Founding Fathers knew exactly why they declared independence and created the United States of America.  Their exact words are in the Declaration of Independence.  Americans can agree on their sound reasoning and articulate explanation.  But, consider how much courage it took to rebel against the established, legal sovereign.   Consider why their reasons were worth the terrible civil war they started.

What reasons mean that much to you?  What would it take for you, good American, to rebel and take up arms in a civil war?

Compare your reasoning and the courage of your convictions to the Founding Fathers?

  • What is the separate and equal station that We, The People, have?  To what Laws of Nature and Nature’s God are We, The People entitled? 

Is your station to be free?  How free?  Is the individual citizen sovereign or not?

What are your rights under Natural Law?  If you can’t name them, you probably don’t protect them.

  • What must the Government of the United States (GOTUS) do to be destructive of these ends – by not securing certain unalienable rights, endowed by their Creator, including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?  Who is the Creator?

What could be so destructive?  Not securing the borders against illegal aliens?  Not deporting illegal aliens from the US?  Importing Muslim communities to the US?  Allowing local governments to seize private property and sell it to other persons (SCOTUS Kelo decision)?  Selling weapons to criminals which are used to kill Americans (Operation Fast and Furious)?  Dictating the use of your private property (EPA)?  Ordering church run hospitals to commit abortions?  Or, pay for employees to have abortions?  What is your personal limit – a line in the sand for the Federal Government?

The Creator in 1776 was the God of the Holy Bible.  The Creator in the Old Testament – that Jews know as the Torah.  Not Allah, Buddha, or Rama or any other god.  Who is your Creator today?

  • What long train of abuses and usurpations evinces a design to reduce, We, The People, under absolute Despotism?

What would make GOTUS an absolute Despot?  Order you to buy health insurance and tax you if you don’t?  Draft your daughters and put them in the Infantry (The Army will ‘experiment’ with women in the Infantry and Ranger School this year)?  Draft your sons into Armed Forces which honor homosexual behavior?  Silencing Free Speech for Christians – and especially Chaplains – in the Armed Forces to say homosexual behavior is sinful?  Forcing banks to take bailout money?  Taking over private corporations?  Telling corporations what to pay their employees?  Telling children what they can say or not say at their own school graduation?  Forbidding chaplains to pray “in Jesus’ name”?  What must GOTUS do to create absolute Despotism to you?

  • What establishes absolute Tyranny over these (our 50) States?

Does ordering the States to step’n’fetchit for Medicaid payments they can’t afford count as Tyranny?  Is suing a State for enforcing the current law – because the GOTUS isn’t doing their duty – an act of Tyranny?  What would be absolute Tyranny over your State?

  • What are attempts by the legislature to extend an unwarranted jurisdiction over us?

Is Obamacare an unwarranted jurisdiction over you?  Is the Patriot Act – and the section in last year’s NDAA giving the Department of Defense the power to suspend Habeas Corpus enough unwarranted jurisdiction?  What act of the Congress would be too much jurisdiction for you?

  • What is your firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence?  Who is divine Providence?

How firm is your reliance?  Ready to risk everything – including your family?

The divine Providence of the Founding Fathers was the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) found in the Holy Bible.  Worshipped by Protestants, Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians.  It is divine Providence of the Torah too.

  • For what will you pledge your Life, Fortune, and sacred Honor?  What is your sacred Honor?

Name what you will pledge to defend.  How great and clearly must your family, faith or freedom be threatened?  Or, does it actually have to be taken from you first?

Good questions for all Americans.  Their seriousness should encourage us to fix things before GOTUS ever goes too far.   Let’s restore the Constitution – the limits on GOTUS – soon.  Let’s not get bullied to the point of having to make our personal 4th of July declaration.

Let’s be reverently grateful for our American Founding Fathers who were pushed past peace into civil war – and the sacrifices they made to win our Independence.   Thank you, John Bowden and your four brothers.   RIP Jesse Bowden – died in Philadelphia.

Let us not go there again.



  1. […] suppose there will be some who think it odd that James Atticus Bowden published a 4th of July post, Your Personal 4th of July, on the 5th of July. However, just as our Christian beliefs require us to celebrate Easter in […]

  2. Thanks CT. Thought I got it up before midnight. Thanks again.

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