Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 26, 2012

President Obama vs King George III

The King had to deal with Parliament

The American Patriots who won the Civil War we call the American Revolution made much of the tyranny of King George III.   Much of our Declaration of Independence lists the offenses of the King.  The King was called a lot of names – especially tyrant.  Yet, King George III had a huge burden he had to lift for every malicious exercise of power.  King George III had to deal with Parliament.

President Barack Obama, or Barry Soetero, has no such weight dragging down his sweeping exercise of executive powers.  The only sound from the Republican majority in the House of Representatives are a few individual members complaining.  But, few do so loudly.  And, there is no fury to exercise the Congress’s Constitutional powers as its duties.  Notwithstanding the coming legal actions against Obama’s Attorney General.   The paper storm, like a flurry of feathers, will float about as long as there is wind and settle to the ground in silence. 

Not so with King George.  Three times in the 17th Century the Pariliament asserted its authority.  Two kings and one dictator were removed from power.  King Charles I was executed.  The legislative power is “the King in Parliament”, not the King.  And the legislative power to tax belonged to Parliament alone.   

Since English colonists in America didn’t have seats in Parliament, they couldn’t be taxed.  No taxation without representation.  These citizens of the United Kingdom – called Americans – fought the greatest military power on earth for their rights as Englishmen.  (Whether they were English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh of other ancestry, their rights were called English – as was their tongue.)

George III had quite a time getting the Parliament to make his subjects in America knuckle under his authority.  Brave men opposed the King resolutely.  He didn’t get everything he wanted.   And, he never acted alone on his own authority to bypass Parliament. 

BHO is less troubled.  He can ignore Federal immigration laws.  He can be called out in public by a Supreme Court Justice on flouting the law.  Not doing his sworn duty.  But, BHO has nothing to fear from Congress.  The Democrats control the Senate.  The Establishment Republicans control the House.  He is free to do as he pleases.

BHO can even mock the House.  His exercise of Executive Privilege to cover the stonewalling of the Attorney General will cost him nothing.  Attorney General Holder can hide how the Federal government put automatic weapons in the hands of drug smugglers and got at least one Federal agent murdered forever. 

It’s not like the House of Representatives would use their power of the purse to stop Obama.  If they didn’t raise the debt ceiling, the Federal government would have the money coming in every month to pay 2/3rds of the bills.  It could cover Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and the military.  Perhaps the legislators fear the President wouldn’t fund what they tell him to fund – when the debt ceiling is reached.   They might get blamed for whatever BHO did to cause a panic through the press.  

It’s not like they would impeach him if he committed such a high crime or misdemeanor to not fund first things first.   It’s not like more Congressmen would do what Cong. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has done – and investigated the crimes and misdemeanors of the Executive Branch.  Cong. King (R- NY) may come in second.  Is anyone else racing behind them to do their Congressional oversight duties?  

BHO can refuse to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.  He can order intervention in states trying to clean up their election rolls.  The President can do, or refuse to do, whatever he bloody well pleases.  He already has.  The tyrant George III couldn’t do the same.  Yet, none call what President Obama does today – tyranny. 

How weak and sad.  How odd.


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