Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 12, 2012

500 Blog Posts

After 500 posts on this blog site

My short ode to the 40th anniversary of my release from confinement at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY was my 500th blog post on this wordpress site.  I had Deo Vindice for a year or two at another site prior to this.

The Big 500.

I’ve got enough material for a book.  But, I didn’t write my second novel – yet.  I wrote Deo Vindice.

I wrote because I have to write sometimes lest I burst.  It’s been that way since I was a teenager.  I could scribble a few words on a page then.  I’d be satisfied that the thought that was so entwined with emotions  had been captured enough to be caged in words on paper.  Not so now.  I need to put hundreds of words in my order – dress ranks and cover down by files.  Those words communicate enough to me that I can leave them alone and move on.   I realize they may communicate less so to the rest of humanity.  Tant pis.

I write because I was told – in a thought I didn’t originate – that “You will not command in war or peace.  You will read and write.” (March 15, 1987)   I take that as my duty in the body of Christ.  So, I read and write.

I write Deo Vindice to get the words out in the blogosphere and through Facebook.  That is why I am approaching 5000 friends on FB.  Most folks I have never met, but they are likely to read what I write when Deo Vindice posts automatically.   I just love the automatic part.  Wish more things in life worked so well.

If my work continues to provide me ample non-stress time, I’m going to get back to writing op eds.  I switched from op eds to blog because of the time it took to upload to different formats across the right side of the blogosphere who published me.

If I make myself get up for it, I’ll start pushing my second novel, On the Far Frontier, past page 15.   Been stuck there for too many years.

I find it interesting that people from all over the world read my old posts – every week.  Very few comment.  The Muslims probably aren’t happy with what they read.  Maybe I can make a non-fiction book from the themes I’ve followed over the years.

  • Christianity.  The Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
  • American Civilization.  The Great Experiment in Democracy.
  • Virginia.  Politics and policy.
  • The South.  My culture, home and heritage
  • and my old buddy, Musings.

Or,  write a book based on narratives in the themes – like Futures, The Army, The Constitution, Culture Commands, etc.

As you read these words, thank you for reading them.  I am so grateful for today’s technology to write and share.

On to 1,000!


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