Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 13, 2012

Tea Party and The People Gain in 1CD, Virginia

Constitutional Republicans Must Replace Establishement Republicans

Good day at the 1st Congressional District Republican Convention yesterday in Gloucester, Virginia.  A new Chairman and 3 new members of State Central Committee were elected.

The new Chairman, Eric Herr, wants to include Tea Party folks in the Republican fold.  The former Chairman did not.    Interesting that Congressman Rob Wittman did not support his incumbent Chairman.  The incumbent had supported Rob when he was challenged in 2010.  I guess loyalty isn’t always a  two way street.

The two defeated members of State Central were good Conservatives – I served with them for years.  They had voted for the political lynching of the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, Jeff Frederick in March 09.  The folks who won their seats were hungry for it.  I know one of them, Larry Kile of King George County, from when I was the Chairman, 1 CD in 2007.  He is a firecracker.

I didn’t run for State Central this year.  I was elected by these conventions in 2000, 2004, and 2008.  Didn’t run for several reasons.  I endorsed Steve Albertson to provide a new generation of energy and focus on fixing Party politics.  He gave the best speech and showed the best promise.  Steve was the top vote getter.

The People gained from this open process to elect the Party officials.  And, it looks like the Tea Party is advancing – slowly but steadily – to replace the Establishment Republicans with Constitutional Republicans.

Good day.


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