Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 7, 2012

Dole, McCain and Romney

Fine fellows, weak candidates = losers

Bob Dole was a war hero and stalwart conservative workhorse – with a feared wit.  John McCain was a war hero and conservative rogue.  Mitt Romney is a super successful businessman and chameleon showing occassional conservative colors.

Dole held back his wit and ran a milquetoast campaign culminating in a final few days of self-punishing appearances for an old man.  The Nation had arisen to the call of the Contract for America.  But, in 96 Dole couldn’t sound assembly for the millions of voters who showed up in 94.  When Bill Clinton ran as a Republican on the issues, Dole couldn’t explain the difference.  He didn’t have a vision remarkably different from Clinton – when Bill said the era of Big Government is over – since the Federal Government was gong to be large and in charge, just not ‘humongeous’.

McCain, like Dole, knew it was his turn.  He was fierce and powerful on some right issues and an absolute loon, or albatross, on others.  His campaign – based on ‘it’s my turn now’ – came alive when Sarah Palin, a courageous conservative, was brought on as candidate for VP.   When an economic bubble burst – as they always do – McCain was so clueless on economics that he joined the herd of Congressional lemmings and ran for the cliff.  So, the difference between McCain and Obama as the economy nose-dived was the singular fact that McCain was the other name on the ballot when America got to elect a Black, affirmative action, iconic, feel-good symbol.

Romney.  Ugh.  Romney-care.  Progressive tax rates.  Islam is a religion of peace.  Saving Social Security as a Federal Government function.  Pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights until – what – last week?  Neither professing orthodox Christian nor Jewish worldview.  Real mean streak in campaigning against Republicans, but milquetoast with Obama.

Unfortunately, Romney has to get LESS than 50% of the remaining delegates to NOT win on the first ballot at the RNC Convention.  Double Ugh.  Hope and pray this pea in the pod is NOT the Republican candidate.



  1. Jim, you have captured the points that I have been trying to make for months now.
    The problem is what do we do now?

    I believe the only viable strategy is to let the presidential contest play out as it will. We must focus on electing Constitutional conservatives to the House and Senate. Only that way can we stop the leftist agenda of either Obama or Romney.

  2. There is nothing we can do about POTUS nomination, except give money and influence folks in states waiting for their delegate selections.

    Agree with you totally about electing a better class of pol at the state and federal level. If the career politicians aren’t ready to pull the trigger and restore the Constitution – then replace them. If they have a conversion experience, like Rick and Newt say they have, then support them. Proof is in what they do – not what they say.

  3. Romney is not milquetoast. He worst! He simply says what he thinks will get him elected.

    Romney will attack Obama, but he cannot outspend him. So if Romney gets the nomination we will see two phonies spending money to tell both lies and the truth (The truth is a good enough reason to keep either as far as possible from the public treasury.) about each other.

    Like as not, Romney will lose. Except for the fact he is not Obama, he has nothing to offer the Conservative base. So many Conservatives will not bother to turn out, and that could easily cost us the election.

    Can’t you see it? Obama and the news media will repeat again and again the same mantra.

    Romneycare = Obamacare

  4. I agree, CT. I’ve always judged Romney as the weakest against Obama from the start.

    If Romney were leading in the polls in Virginia by 52:48, it only takes 60,000 votes to move the votes by 2%. So, if Obama/Romney depress 60,000 conservative Virginians to make them decide to not vote, Obama wins.

    We’ll see.

  5. All true, but the fear remains that even if Romney is elected he will govern from his heart which is far to the left of mine. This will hurt as the MSM will point out that he is a Republican but sees the wisdom of realistic and compassionate policies.

    Our only defense which will be effective against both Obama and Romney whoever is elected, is a strong, conservative Congress (both houses).

    Get the vote out for them, maybe they will have “reverse coattails”.

  6. DV: Rog on electing Constitutional Republicans in the Congress. Replace the Establishment Republicans unless they have a conversion experience. At some point the Tea Party plurality of Republicans may decide to cut the anchor line with the Establishment and form a new political party. Better to take over the GOP than dump them like the Whigs. But, the Establishment will make that decision for us – sooner or later. Mitt, if he wins, will be have a big part to play.

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