Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 28, 2012

Eric Herr for Chairman, 1 CD Virginia

Eric Herr is challenging the incumbent for Chairman, 1st Congressional District, Virginia.   He will be elected at a District Convention this Spring.

If you live in the 1 CD, VA please go to your city or county committee mass meeting and sign up to be a delegate to the 1 CD convention.   You can change the Republican Party in Virginia.  The price of such patriotism is a few hours at your local meeting and a lovely Saturday in Gloucester.

The incumbent wants to keep the Tea Party movement – and The People – out of the Republican Party.   The challenger, Eric Herr, wants to grow the Republican Party with the Tea Party.

Check when your mass meeting is:

And, please check out Eric Herr:

Be a delegate, please.



  1. Your readers should know that in at least one of Virginia’s cities/counties, one can’t just show up to the mass meeting and sign up to be a delegate to the 1 CD convention. In York County, for example, those who wish to be considered for election as a delegate must file a “candidate pre-filing form” a few days prior to the mass meeting. I don’t know how many other cities/counties do it the same way.

    • Thanks Randy. Folks who are going to the District and State conventions need to read the Calls – look online or call your local chairman.

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