Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 13, 2012

About Conscience, Not Contraceptives

The Liberals want freedom FROM religion

I listened to the Obama operatives and the Ministry of Propaganda lie on TV.  They said the issue was about making contraceptives available to women.   Later, they lied again when they said Barry Soetero compromised by ordering the insurance companies to pick up the costs of contraceptives.

Deception build on lies.  Just like Communism.  Of course, the Commies preferred to be called Marxist-Leninists.  Just like Liberals prefer to be called Progressives.  Small bother, since they are all branches of the same tree of totalitarianism – well-watered in blood since the French Revolution.

The Federal Government doesn’t have the right to order religious organizations to do things which violate their religious principles.  They don’t have the power, either, legally.  But, the Federal Government, in this case the Executive Branch, can seize the power as long as no one stops them.  Since the Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch are unlikely to do so, the Catholic Church is the first to stand up and do what is right.   Religious leaders from other churches are standing up too.

Anytime the government is compelling a church to violate it’s conscience, it’s most likely the government at fault.  There are exceptions.  If a religion holds beliefs repugnant to the moral majority ideas of the majority, then it can be compelled to submit the state.   That’s democracy in a democratic republic.  That is why Romney’s Mormons had to give up polygamy.  Why some pacifists and luddites have limits on their protests against modern civilization.  Why faithful Muslims – and their polygamy, female mutiliation, and Sharia Law – should have a lot of trouble in America.

This fight isn’t the exception that proves the case.   It is about the Federal Government bullying Christian-based organizations.  Yet, it isn’t a war on religion.  It’s just a war on the Christians.  And, not on the sissy liberal Christians.   Just the ones who claim to have principles based on conscience.

Enter the Roman Catholic Church.

For this fight, the top-down hierarchical Catholic church chose to fight being bullied.  So, unlike abortion and homosexual marriage, the fight isn’t carried by just some brave priests, nuns and a few bishops and higher ups.  This is a fight for all the faithful subordinates in the church.  Stand and be counted or fall out of the ranks.

It’s wonderful to see the Catholics to reject the phony compromise.  If only some insurance companies and their state regulating agencies would sue the Federal Government – and tell them they are not paying for the contraceptives (the phoney free ordered by Obama).  Tell the Feds to go to Hell – pun intended.

Hang tough Church of Rome in America.   And stand strong all you other protesting religious leaders – those who can do no other.



  1. Jim:
    Much agreement here except for one big thing: Your exception.

    If government can outlaw religious practices it feels the “majority” don’t like, that brings danger that I think is unexceptable. What if the majority doesn’t like baptism by immersion, or communion without real wine or youth group swim parties with modest suits rather than currently accepted styles, or as happened in Germany some years back: Bibles that contain the Old Testament? What if they say you must allow women ministers and priestesses?
    Now, i do understand your point, I would draw the line at human sacrifice et al. , not so sure about consenting adults in polygamy. Young girls with Mormon ministers I don’t like it, but consenting adults is a big step. What if someone wants to outlaw witnessing/evangelism in public as repugnant?

    Very dangerous territory to let the “majority” decide what is repugnant in our religious beliefs. Unfortunately many Americans think all Baptists are repugnant. In fact some even some Baptists broke away because of revisions to the Baptist Faith and Message. They could do that, which is religious freedom, What if they couldn’t?

    • Dry Viking, I doubt that we are too far apart. Every right in the Bill of Rights has limits. So, where and how do the Feds and States draw the lines on limits of Rights? In 1787/89 the states had religious tests or official religions – except for Virginia. The states powers are plenary. The states can restrict anything they please – as long as it doesn’t violate the Bill of Rights. And the First Amendment says “Congress” shall not…

      Meanwhile, the Feds are supposed to be limited to the powers enumerated in the Constitution. Supposed to be.

  2. What I find curious about this whole discussion is what seems to me a blatant oversight. The Bill of Rights is about individual rights. Nonetheless, until Obama violates the rights of certain religious organizations, we do not get upset.

    What about the fact that I as individual have to buy insurance through my employer. Whether I like it or not, I have to subsidize preferences I think hideously wrong? Why is that okay?

    And one other thought? What does contraception have to do with health insurance? All buying contraceptives — and yes, they have to raise our rates to cover the cost — from the insurance company does is add an unnecessary middleman.

  3. Citizen Tom: I’m not a lawyer, but I think corporations have legal standing as individuals.

    There are plenty of un-Constitutional things coming from the Executive Branch since Jan 09. The victims have to stand up, say no, and take them to court. Like the car dealers dumped, bond holders for government motors, banks, corporations instructed on salaries, etc.

    Agreed on missing the medical necessity of contraception as a health item. Ordering anyone to pay the costs needs to be struck down – and resisted until then.

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