Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 23, 2012

Second Republican Revolution

Heard a radio advertisement for Newt Gingrich today.   Dunno why it is running in Virginia, since Newt is not on the primary ballot.  Still, the ad was good.  It spoke of the accomplishments of the first Republican Revolution in 1994.  It mentioned a Second Republican Revolution.  Whether Newt gets the nomination or not, that is a catchy phrase.

Second Republican Revolution.   Republican Revolution II.

It can appeal to the Tea Party if the particulars of the revolution are Tea Party tickets.   Like repeal Obamacare, cut spending, limit the Federal Government to its Constitutional powers.

It can appeal to the Establishment Republicans who support any person, cause or thing labeled R.    It can appeal to the the voters who have NOT yet been turned off by the Establishment Republicans – and think the R’s are still the Party and ideas of Ronald Reagan.

It can promise big results from big ideas without using words stained by their history, like Contract for America II.

Words have meaning.  Of course, elections do too.  Words have power.   Let’s hope whoever the Republican candidate is, he will make his election have the power of a Second Republican Revolution on steroids.



  1. Great observation. Let us hope that the campaign takes this important theme vice the chaotic way it has been wandering.

  2. Thanks DV. Looks like Florida may be a nail biter. Hope Romney loses big.

  3. That ad is good. I was leaving the door open a bit for Newt based on his ability to articulate the bottom line and defend it with facts and history. Just as long as he could keep a grip on his emotions.

    Of course Newt or Rick are not an option thanks to Virginia’s inability to provide a simple thing like a write-in option.

    It seemed that the Establishment was out to get Newt, but I heard Chris Plante on WMAL interview Bob Dornan Friday (ex-CA congressman who is definitely not part of the Establishment) and he made a pretty compelling case against Newt.

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