Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 22, 2012

Iron Lady: More Than a Movie

Maggie Thatcher was marvelous. We need her again.

Saw the movie after church today.  Meryl Streep deserves every award they can forge.  She captured aging and dementia powerfully.  I wonder how she could act the emptiness in a person’s eyes when the mind doesn’t hear or comprehend.  Great acting.

I’d read there were political and personal stabs meant to wound.  I saw where one could come to any conclusions one was seeking.  But, it didn’t detract from what I wanted to see.   A great woman.  A powerful leader with vision and voice.  The Iron Lady who helped defeat the Soviet Empire.  The Prime Minister made from the mold of Queen Elizabeth I.

Margaret Thatcher spoke to the key issues of work, profits – free enterprise – and national pride.  Like her contemporary Ronald Reagan.  Except, she had to work against decades more of descent into socialism, human secularism, and welfare nannyism.  She made great progress, but her cause hasn’t won yet.  The decades have taken their toll on the British people.

I got a sense of the conditioning to low expectations, government centralization, and political correctness in the month plus I was in the UK in Spring 2010.  It was the narrative I got from what I heard, read and saw.  Some ideas we hold in America – like the Tea Party devolution of power to the states and our gun rights – are truly foreign to most Britons.

Yet, unlike the U.S., there is a stronger unifying singular culture.  America is more heterogeneous.  The UK is more homogeneous within the borders of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  (The movement of Scots for greater independence is a separate subject).  Assimilated persons of every race from every corner of the world, except the believing Muslims, are like their neighbors.  Only the Muslims and other minority individuals who fight assimilation stay segregated.

That unity may be the hope for the future.   If and when, the country is aroused, enlightened, and open to the truth of Lord Jesus Christ, Christianity can sweep the land again.  The culture could flip faster than the U.S.  Their demographics could present a new destiny.  What a blessed hope.  Otherwise, the UK will fall  under Muslim rule – after I die, but not too many decades away.

If only there were a Maggie Thatcher laying out the choices for the UK today.

Maggie Thatcher is a role model for the U.S.  I heard her speech at the College of William & Mary years ago when she was made a trustee.  She made it clear where our countries and Western Civilization stood.  Our Conservative lady leaders may not have the education of Maggie – the Oxford graduate, but they share her courage.

Frankly, Conservative – Constitutional – Republican women have more male anatomy than most of the men career politicians.  They are ready to make the tough decisions.

This movie fits this election.   The watchwords for the Iron Lady – like courage, boldness, right – are the powerful words needed for the Republican standard bearer in this Presidential election.  The guidon for the Republicans – whether it is Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum – is the Constitution not the GOP elephant.

The ideas contested in this election are big ideas.  The economy – at its very basis, culture and civilization for the future of an ascending America or declining former SuperPower are in question.

If Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the grocer’s daughter and great Prime Minister, were an American candidate, she would know what is right and fight to win.

God Bless Maggie Thatcher.




  1. Good to hear. I was concerned with some media reports that this was going to be a hit piece on her.

    Years ago I recall someone complaining that conservatives wouldn’t support women as leaders. I replied: Show me the American Maggie and I’ll vote for her.

    Still would. I think our new women are more in her mold than far too many of our men.

  2. Dry Viking. Thanks. If portraying the still living legend Lady as an alcoholic with dementia is a hit piece, it was. But, I didn’t pay attention to that.

    I wish they had the scene where she tells Ronald Reagan to not go wobbly.

    Hooah. We have some strong, great Conservative women. Bachmann has intellectual depth like Maggie.

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