Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 7, 2012

Romney Is Still Wrong

Like Bush II, Mitt Romney is in the family business - Establishment Politics

The picture of daddy George Romney is to remind us that if Mitt wins or loses, nothing happens to his family.  There is no loss of opportunity.  Or, personal freedom.  Or, danger getting killed as an American soldiers serving in a foreign policy goof.  Generations of wealth in the elite class creates a different perspective on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and religious faith.  His politician son, Mitt, is wrong for America.

I wrote how Mitt was wrong in 2008.   Holds true, only more so now.


(2008)  Why Romney Is Wrong

Mitt Romney can’t be trusted. The Conservatives signing up to support Romney for President don’t understand how very wrong Romney is. Romney is wrong for more than being a political chameleon. A man who doesn’t know right from wrong by age 50 is pitiful. A man who changes what he says is right and wrong after the age of 50 for political office is pandering. A man who faced serious public scrutiny about what he said he really believed was right and wrong after the age of 50 – and changes without a ‘Road to Damascus’ experience is a pathetic politician. A man, a public person over 50, who actually believes that he really changed his beliefs with integrity and intellectual honesty is a sociopath obsessed with power.

Truly changed persons have transformed hearts not transferred political positions. The transformation of the human heart is often achieved by a relationship with the living Jesus Christ. The public changes abound in how the person lives. It’s evident across the South where White Christians’ hearts harken to the morally superior arguments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The transformed Christian majority testify to his truths of morally ascendant racial integration – and lovingkindness across the races.

Mitt Romney is a master politician to fool good people and experienced Conservatives. Consider his resume for being wrong.

Abortion and Homosexuality. Romney was wrong on two hot button issues that speak to the sanctity of life and wisdom gained through 5,000 years of civilization. Furthermore, a politician who runs on a political platform directly opposite of his religious sect’s teachings made a choice. He rejected what his faith taught him or he never believed.

The inability to see life in the womb goes beyond any political spin. Did Romney’s wife go to “fetus showers” during all those years – or “baby showers”?

When Romney faced tough questions from reporters and supporters, did he not ask himself in private reflection what was the moral right and wrong? Was he just clueless? On the most fundamental social issues that go to the core of American Judeo-Christian moral-ethical culture, Romney was with the Liberals.

Basic Economics. A politician who supports the graduated income tax from Karl Marx can still be a good businessman. He’s just disingenuous with other people’s money. Romney created a fantastic personal fortune and did well to save the Winter Olympics. Yet, he is willing to play with class warfare rhetoric on soaking the “rich”. In Virginia the growth in the rate of taxes (all kinds – federal, state and local together) over 35 years from 1970 to 2005 of “only” 3 per cent means the average family in Virginia (approx. $51k) loses $157 a month. Romney has no idea what $157 @ month means to a family of four living on $51k.

Massachusetts Political Culture. A politician who succeeds where Ted Kennedy is King and Barney Frank is Queen isn’t a public servant in the Virginia tradition. The tendencies for moral absolutism from the Puritans permeate Massachusetts political culture. Today, the moral absolutes are the pagan tenets of Liberal Human Secularism. Their politically correct socialization is as demanding as the Scarlet Letter standards. The climate is the same, just the gods leading towards totalitarian tendencies changed from the angry ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’ deity to the self-righteous god of “Self”. The full time job of being a Massachusetts Pol isn’t for a man of principle or citizen-public servant – but like the Mafia – it’s just business.

Political Dynastic Elites. Politics is the Romney family business. Dynastic politics diminishes the purpose of elected office. The second and third generation political elites take risk that they might lose an election – only. The elites never really take all-or-nothing risks. They know there will always be a home and money – and their name to cash in for connections. It’s not like the many Americans who spend their entire lives one pay check from financial trouble. Romney doesn’t know in his guts why jobs mean so much

Gifted persons, like Mitt Romney, may come from political elites, but his talents were never honed through the struggle of coming up from nothing. Romney hasn’t faced failures forced by circumstances beyond personal control – to bounce back and never give up. Yet, Romney panders in the rhetoric of class envy and resentment. Governance isn’t a game or a business.

Romney offers only the packaged politics of the issue de jour. Romney is wrong.





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  2. James:

    Just found your fine blog through the post on Ted Cruz.

    I also read this one on Romney. Very well thought out & your writing is precise and persuasive.

    During that campaign, I said many of the same things at our GOP functions – not sure how much it changed minds or hearts – but my objections were virtually the same as you state here.

    I want to think that Ted Cruz is an outsider, but I’m still not sold on that, yet.

    Perhaps we’ll learn more as things go along.

    My view is that the Primary process is designed for us to weed out any candidates that have major flaws, ones that our opponents will surely locate & exploit. Thus we’ve got to make sure of their ‘limited government pedigree’ during this period.

    For example, if your warning above on Romney was heard & acted upon early on, he wouldn’t have gotten the nomination.

    Here in Texas, the push was so hard to approve Romney as a big tent candidate, that the ‘party elites’ just ignored us grassroots locals.

    There was tons of support among the rank & file for both Rick Santorum & Ron Paul – but the party big shots essentially ignored them & us.

    It can be demoralizing to have stood for the most Principled candidate, from a Liberty loving, Constitution respecting & even a Biblical worldview perspective – and then have party politics ram a Romney Trojan Horse down our collective throats.

    My 18 year old daughter (lovingly homeschooled) was a new delegate at our state GOP convention. The dirty poltics surrounding those days has soured her, probably forever, on any sort of GOP organized efforts.

    Sorry to rant, but your post brought these thoughts to the surface.

    More’s the pity, if we aren’t careful & get ‘played’ again.

    LORD bless you & yours,

    David in E Texas

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