Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 3, 2012

2012: Watching Different Tsunamis

Our time as it is - like sandcastles between tides

Sometimes it takes me two months to settle into the new year and write.  Some of the stewing is the same annually. Much of it is unique to that single season of a particularly discontented winter.   This year I’m m0tivated to write now.

2011 was a bland year for me.  Much was the same from 2010.  Not so for others in family, friends, community, Commonwealth, Nation and Kingdom.  The deaths in combat of too many friends and comrades for my son-in-law hit him and my daughter hard.  Deaths of aunts, uncles and cousins almost cleaned out the generation above me.

The 2011 tsunami in Japan was captured on film – presenting many amazing pictures.  If you were there in Japan, regardless of where you stood, who you are, what you did – other than flee, what you believe – there is nothing you could do to change the tsunami.

2012 may look the same as the election for the President of the United States of America – our POTUS in the U.S. code – consumes the year.

I’ve been in party politics for 20 years.  I know one person matters locally – and even state-wide for the 10th largest state in the Union – the 7.7 million Virginians.  But, one person can’t shape this tsunami disgorging itself from the sea.

This isn’t a politics as usual election, even though many millions of people think so.   Even though the political elites want it to be so.

This is the second of several elections it will take to have a non-violent revolution across American politics.   Return the Nation to the US Constitution – as written.  Restore fiscal responsibility.  Reform entitlements – and, also, return them to the states for new participants.

Even if Romney, the chameleon, is nominated for the GOP and loses, there will be election after election to fix the damage done.

Meanwhile, many other important events will shape the history of the future bit by bit.  We may see them more clearly in retrospect in the years to come.

Surfing a tsunami is suicide.  Better to get to high ground fast and watch it wash around your mountain.  May just do that myself.  Will work when I can, where I can, where I think it matters in my Commonwealth of Virginia – for the Good People of Virginia.


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