Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 2, 2012

Ending this CHRISTmas

Wise men seek Jesus. Wisdom comes from the Bible.

CHRISTmas lasts until Jan 5th for Eastern Orthodox Christians – right?  Our CHRISTmas is over.  Decorations up.  House cleaned up.  Grandbabies go back to pre-school tomorrow.  We go to work.   We all face 2012.

In God’s Will, 2012 brings first baby for youngest daughter and son-in-law.  Son-in-law and all his buddies come home from another combat tour.  He and oldest daughter make a big transition and move.  We wait a year or not.  And other good things happen.

I might send a CHRISTmas card in 2012.  I used to write family letters.  From 1985 to 2008 I wrote my annual and only correspondence to many kin and family.  They had themes and told stories.  They weren’t sugar-coated.  Hopeful, optimistic, full of life.

Then, for 3 years I have not had the emotional energy to write them.  Nothing really special happened.  Usual time tale of ups and downs.  Of babies growing and old folks aging and dying.  And, always, devout faith in Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet, maybe the fact that so little changed in important ways it became too challenging to find new words to play on a broken record.

I don’t love folks less.  Miss them less.  I just don’t feel like writing the CHRISTmas letter.   I’m not depressed.  I’m not down.  I haven’t lost faith – keep growing more, deeper, better, truer faith in a personal relationship with Jesus.

My ending this Bowden Clan CHRISTmas letter didn’t end CHRISTmas.  Hold the hope of the world in my heart every day.  Feel the joy of the holy day always in a moment.  And live life as it is.

We never quit.


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