Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 25, 2011

CHRISTmas Makes Christians Triumphant

Joyful and Triumphant

CHRISTmas music is the most beautiful music in the world.  I believe the Lord inspired songwriters for generations to go beyond their best to carry His message.

I love the notes of triumph in CHRISTmas music.

In the whole history of the universe, part of the spirit of the one great living, creator Spirit was sent to live in the mortal body of a human being.  The person who was wholly man and wholly God was Jesus.  When He died, his body died.  Then, it was transformed and rose from the grave to live again – and He still lives now.  Because He did it, so we will too.  We, Christians who are saved by a confession faith.

Jesus triumphed over death.  Christians triumph over death.  Jesus lived a sinless life.  Christians can triumph in living a better life – closer to Jesus.  Jesus was in constant, full communication – in the spirit – with the Father who does not have a body.  Christians are in constant contact with the Father and Son, because part of the spirit – the Holy Ghost – physically lives in our body to communicate and comfort us.

We have so much to be thankful for – and humbled.   Yet, through it all there is the resounding notes of triumphant victory.

Listen to it sing.

Our Messiah Lives

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