Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 24, 2011

The War Against CHRISTmas is a War Against Christ

CHRISTmas is the universal inclusiveness of bringing all humans to Christ, not equal time for all religions

Actually, the War on CHRISTmas is just one campaign in the Great U.S. Culture War.  The real war is to transform American culture to fit the human secularist worldview.  It is the conflict between the ideas evolved from the French Revolution and the ideas of the American Revolution.  The Human Secularists, whether they call themselves liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, national socialists, democrats or front as sissy Christians, cling to the failed doctrines of the French Revolution.  They worship the small god of “self” – even those who claim to be liberal Jews and Christians.  The must suppress the traditional observations of Christmas and banish Biblical Christianity from the public square.

Otherwise, they lose in the marketplace of ideas.  So, they make stuff up.  Even though the legal federal, state, and local holiday is named “Christimas” in the law, they make the word “Christmas” verboten.  Cleanse it as thoroughly as any oldspeak words being flushed down the memory hole.  Eradicated from sight like the latest air-brushed Stalinist photo of Soviet leadership.   Then, the black-robed priest-kings of American human secularism, the judges, bully the public adminstrators, school educrats, mayors and governors.  The legislators at every level of government – and The People they represent –  let judges keep making up laws as they like.   Except, recently, the town of Athens, Texas.

The lies that pass as laws shouldn’t be taken seriously.   The First Amendment says the Congress shall not establish a religion as a state church.   A state, city, school, office, business, or neighborhood is NOT Congress.  A song, sign, symbol, display, play, card, greeting, electric light on or about the legal holiday of Christmas doesn’t establish a state church and worship of any Christian denomination.   Any person who doesn’t understand the differences between Congress and all things not Congress and establishing a single church denomination as a state-supported official church and all other things,  should be removed from any position of public trust and role in the Rule of Law.

Yet, the Soveriegn of the State, the individual American, doesn’t hold these judges and other public fools accountable.  We get what we deserve.  Until the day comes when there will be more and more civil disobedience against stupid suppression of free speech and the free exercise of religion.

Behind this struggle to suppress Christianity across America is the hatred of Lord Jesus Christ.  A Biblical understanding of Jesus is the soundest foundation, the rock, as well as the armor and two-edged weapon, truth, that can defeat the Human Secularists.

The Bible is Truth revealed to man

More to follow – lost a couple of paragraphs posting.   Gotta go to CHRISTmas Eve service…  …and back.  Grandbabies are nestled in their beds with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. 

The Bible stands up to the scrutiny of any wannabe wizard of smart.   And, contrary to the billboard, above, where the atheists wasted their money, Christianity is all about reason.  Especially since the Reformation and Enlightenment.  Evangelical Christianity was the engine of intellectual energy for the British and American Enlightenments.  Today, Christianity is the greatest threat to the Human Secularists.

Indeed, the Christian church should become more so – hopefully soon.   Jesus is the head of the living church of many denominations.   And, He promised that not even the gates of Hell shall prevail against His church.  Which means the church has to be on the offensive to attack to the very gates of Hell – and win.  The time for good Christian men to go the assembly area, draw extra water, rations, ammo and new kit, rehearse the mission, get final orders and move out to cross the LD* on time.  Merry CHRISTmas and Hooah.

*Line of Departure (LD)





  1. I would make only one small alteration. The title. The War Against CHRISTmas is only a small part of the War Against Christ

    • Thanks CT. I need to respond to making your list on your site. Thanks for the description.

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