Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 22, 2011

U.S. Armed Services Celebrating Sodomy for a Year

Promoting homosexuals and lesbian behavior is contrary to good order and discipline

A year ago President Obama signed an executive order ending the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy of tolerating homosexuals in the US Armed Services.   Yesterday, the first kiss for a returning Naval ship’s crew was won by a lesbian sailor.   She kissed her girlfriend for the camera and loud, politically correct applause.   The NBC nightly news gave a piece on how one homosexual squad leader is doing so great and his squad supports him.  And they added that homosexuals are finding a meeting place and time at some shop at Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan.  Isn’t that special?  Our fighting homosexuals have a gathering place to meet, without fear, to share their longing for their monogamous partner back home.


The DADT policy was the political cave-in President Clinton made when he pushed too soon for open homosexuality in the Armed Services.  Almost 20 years later, the cultural success of rabid political homosexuals made the task far easier for Obama.  The US Government moved from tolerating homosexuals to honoring their behavior.  Next the Government – yes, the Armed Services – will promote homosexuality.  Already, the Marines said they specifically will recruit homosexuals.  Even thought sodomy is still against the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Recently, the US Senate added an amendment to the Defense appropriations to take homosexuality and bestiality out of the UCMJ.  How odd.  The Senators left adultery in – and I suppose incest is in there – as sexual crimes for Service members.  What moral-ethical code makes such distinctions?  Not the Judeo-Christian culture that created America.  Not the Judeo-Christian moral-ethical code which guided the Christians, Jews and non-believers who have served since the US Army started it all in 1775.

The costs of promoting immoral and sinful sexual behavior will take awhile to accrue.

Before we count the wages of sin, let’s review why integrating homosexuals isn’t like integrating Blacks or women.

Being Black or a woman is an identity.  It is based on biology.  Race and gender have instantly recognizable, defining characteristics.

Distinctions based on race are mostly cultural.  Biological differences are insignificant.  Men of every race have been warriors throughout history.  Integrating the Armed Services racially was straightforward – the differences in identity were ignored – so behavior, being a soldier, sailor, Marine, airman, Coastie, would be the same.

Distinctions based on gender are both cultural and biological.  The big differences biologically argue against putting women in military occupations requiring upper body strength.  Big differences culturally argue against putting women in combat units.  Yet, the civilian authorities ordered the politically correct presence of women in combat units.  One argument was career progression.  As opposed to combat effectiveness.  Women have served well, but it has yet to be proven how much more combat effective a unit is because it has women.  The greater rub is where behavior, not identity, for men and women has been based on their gender.

The sex scandals in training units and the leadership headaches of sexual favoritism and competition in mixed units followed the integration of women in men’s organizations – quite naturally.

Homosexuality is all about behavior.  No one knows a person is a homosexual until they talk or act like one.  No one knows a person commits adultery, bestiality or incest until they talk about it or get caught doing it.

There will be homosexual sex scandals.  Like the Catholic Church and the coach at Penn State, sexual predators and promiscuous persons will take their natural course in positions of authority.  It is the very reason the Boy Scouts know why they should not have homosexual leaders.

And, the secondary and tertiary effects will continue.

Promoting homosexuality in the Armed Services wraps all homosexuals in the bloody flag.  Homosexuals get to identify with the single greatest unifying aspect and most honored institution in America.  Great political capital and bullet-proof insurance policy.

Promoting homosexuality in the Armed Services gives them leverage to suppress Christian speech.  The speech from the Bible that says homosexual behavior is sinful.

The consequences tear at the moral fiber of the Armed Services.  How can any consenting sexual behavior, like adultery, be punished?  If there is no moral code for sexual behavior, what other behaviors are permitted now?

How long did take for drugs and crime to change America’s landscape?  How long did it take the failure to get married and the absence of fathers to destroy so many families – and lives?  How long did it take for politically correct education to produce failing schools – and handicapped kids?

How long a slide did the Greeks give way to the Romans and the Romans to the barbarians?

How long did it take the German Army to bend to the criminal intent of its political masters?  How fast did the Army in Vietnam become a post-war armed mob?

Christians of all ranks – and active or retired condition – are called to speak the truth.  A soldier may be a clone of Audie Murphy, but if he commits adultery with another soldier’s wife, he needs to be punished for the good order and discipline of the service.  Likewise, the clone of Audie Murphy who commits homosexuality, incest or bestiality should be separated.

America will pay the wages of sin.  Sooner or later.



  1. Thank you for standing in the gap and being the watchman on the wall.

  2. Remember when homosexual rights advocates just wanted us to to tolerate homosexuality in the military. We still had to say no. Because human nature is what it is, we knew their wants would not stop there, and they have not. What these people want, unfortunately, is for the rest of us to endorse and approve their behavior. The want us to share the burden of their sin. That is about as selfish as it gets.

    Here is what I have written about the subject.

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