Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 6, 2011

Musical Candidates

Nominating the Republican Presidential candidate with musical chairs

As each real threat to BHO arises, they are trashed by the MSM minions of the Ministry of Propaganda.  Conservative voters, desparately looking for a champion, flee from one candidate de jour and run to the next one.

My choices were Bachmann, Cain and Perry  – if we must.

I still hope Conservatives in the key starting gate states run to Bachmann or Perry in the next month.  If not, then if it must be Gingrich, so be it.

Gingrich is the second easiest guy for BHO to beat.   Romney is the easy win for BHO.

The music will be stopping soon enough.  Then, the real games begin.



  1. Jim:
    Not sure I share your opinion this time.
    I think that Santorum is the best conservative choice and he shows courage. Bachmann is good, but will be a “tackling dummy” for the media. Perry may be able to resurrect himself and I could vote for him. I can’t support Romney, Gingrich, Huntsman or Paul.

  2. Dry Viking: We are on the same sheet. I discount Santorem, as you do Bachmann, as unelectable.

    The one distinction between thee and me on this is I would support Gingrich – only if he is the candidate – with eyes wide open that he may not get elected or do dumb, wrong, arrogant, etc mistakes when elected.

    Hope to post about him meeting with Richard Viguerie and 60 movement Conservatives – including Cuccinelli today.

  3. I guess that after holding my nose to vote for Nixon, Dole, Bush and McCain, I just don’t think the “electability” issue will drive me this time. I am done with Republican loyalty. If they don’t produce a candidate that I can agree with on most things, they won’t get my vote this time for fear of Obama. Been there, done that and the liberal Republicans don’t win, and if they do are little worse than the Democrats.
    This time I will vote my conscience and let it fall as it may.
    NB: there are probably other voters who will do the same. Look what happened to McCain.

    Same thing here in the OD. I’d vote for Cuccinelli, not sure if I would vote for Bowling.

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