Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 28, 2011

Colin Powell and Elite Illnesses

Marie Antoinette suffered from elite illnesses - before her execution

Establishment Republicans suffer from elite illnesses.  They are deaf and blind to what is happening around them.   Actually, below them.   Other elites, like the French and Russian nobility, suffered from the same diseases which lead to terrible terminal consequences.  The Occupy Wall Street waifs use the violent language of such revolutions.  The Tea Party doesn’t.  Yet, it should be instructive for all of the Establishment to learn from their disabilities.

See the silly things Colin Powell just said in a interview with devout Liberal and D’himmi Christian Amanpour (From Fox News Newsbusters online):

“AMANPOUR: I get your point about heat and light, but what  about the fact that, in fact, it is one of the political parties, although — or  rather the big political influence, which is the Tea Party, which quotes left  and right the Founding Fathers? They say compromise is a dirty word, and they  try to point to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

POWELL:  They compromised — the Founding Fathers compromised on slavery. They had to in  order to create a country. They compromised on the composition of the Senate, of  the House, of the Supreme Court, of a president — what are the president’s  powers? Can you imagine more difficult compromises today?

Compromise is how this country was founded, and unless  two people in disagreement with each other don’t find a way to reach out to one  another and make compromises, you don’t get a consensus that allows you to move  forward.

But the Tea Party point of view of no compromise  whatsoever is not a point of view that will eventually produce a presidential  candidate who will win.”

Colin Powell is deaf and blind to what the Tea Party says, believes, and is doing.

The Constitutional compromises on slavery, and the powers of government are arguments that happen after the Revolution.  The quarrel the Tea Party has with the Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Establishment is as fundamental as the fight between the Patriots and the Tories.   There was no compromise between independence and remaining a colony.

Not compromising on the Constitution – and returning the Nation to the Constitution – is as important as Independence was.

The compromises are how fast or slow to return the powers, and the taxes and responsbilities, from the Federal level to the States.  The Tea Party can make those compromises.

The Tea Party can’t make compromises on new taxes – when taxes kill jobs and put the Nation closer to financial collapse.  These principles aren’t politics as usual.  The Establishment – Republican and Democrat – don’t get it.  The media, the mainstream Ministry of Propaganda, doesn’t get that these elections are not just another game.   Colin Powell doesn’t get it.

Colin Powell and the Establishment are deaf and blind to the fundamental principles at stake.   The Tea Party has the cure.

A Tea Party candidate could be elected President, quite the contrary to what Powell says.   The candidate would win because restoring the Constitution – and all that means – is supported by a winning majority of Americans.   The Establishment neither hears nor sees us, the working majority, even when the Tea Party fills Washington and town squares across the country.   If we get a candidate in 2012, our votes will make it hard for them to stay deaf and blind.



  1. “if we get a candidate. . . ”

    Not sure we will. At this point the only one I can support is Rick Santorum. The others get worse each day. Unfortunately few others seem to agree with me. And by the time Virginians get to vote in the primary it will already be decided. So, my guess is we will get a Dole/McCain candidate, most likely Romney and far too many Constitutionalists will then choose stay home or vote third party just like ’08.

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