Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 16, 2011

Indian Summer 2011

Yorktown National Battlefield Park, November 2011

The Fall foliage in Tidewater, Virginia is at its height of color this week.  And it is warm in the upper 70s.   It’s a week of Indian Summer – my favorite time of the year.  And I love each of God’s seasons completely.  I embrace time and place as they are.

It has been absolutely gorgeous hereabouts.  The creative artist, God, has outdone Himself with bright reds, oranges and yellows this year.

This time of brilliant colors and gentle warmth is my annual mental pause.  I take time out of my internal dialogue for some focused introspection.  Not the usual, natural temperature taking of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relationship, work, daily passionate interest well-being.  These first two weeks in November are the run up to my birthday.  So, it is my counting life’s measures and measuring my accountability in living.

So, here we are:  thee, beloved reader, and me.   I beg your prayers for son-in-law on his 5th combat tour.  I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for making all things new – every day.   I wish you well – God’s peace and joy.

I will be 61 years old on Friday.  Feel like I am 25, except I can’t do the same level of PT.   Funny, how little has changed in me since then.  On the inside.  Going through papers and pictures as I move from my old to my new, wonderful home office, I came across my application for a scholarship.   It was the Eisenhower Scholarship for grad school #2, Columbia University, (which I won).  I answered their personal questions about who I am.

My answers at age 32 would fit today at age 61.  I am the same man.  Lived life.   Learned a lot.  Grateful for the wisdom of The Word in the Holy Bible and the lessons of life.  (I’ll see if we can read the scanned answers as a jpg or I’ll retype them around my birthday blog).  And, I still have the fire in my guts.   My eyes burn blue brightly.

Live a life of vertical hierarchies of duties.  Worship and love God.  Love my family.   Love my Clans – my People.  Love our America and my heritage – my South.  Love my home Commonwealth of Virginia.  Love church family, community and others.  Life is about relationships.

I dedicated myself to the U.S. Constitution which I swore to uphold against all enemies – foreign and domestic – when I was 17 years old.   Never took one step back from my Oath of allegiance.

Look forward to good fights ahead  – as much as it is in God’s Will.   Outlived my Daddy, so I feel like every day is a gift to honor.   Grieving this week for the passing of the next to last of his generation of 35 first cousins – Tootsie.  AKA Elizabeth Bowden Smith – Great Clan glue, matriarch, and wonderful Christian woman.

We’ll see how the days to come go.  From rising to resting every thought, word and deed is for or against the one, only, true, living God.  Know my job in the community of Christ is to “read and write.”

May have more time to read and write as I go from full time employment on one contract (ending soon) to part time employment on another.   Looking for more work to round out the paycheck.  But, not stressed.  Just grateful for being back in the saddle with interesting work supporting US Army ‘Futures’.

The new home office encourages the sorting of photos – boxes of them from the 70s to now.  The camera captured eclectic moments, but my heart remembers the everlasting lovingkindness that connected all of this life.   Smiles, tears, and occassional laughs ride the merry go round of memories as I sort them by their decade.

And, what of this decade?  It should be a decade of decsion. for God and Country in America.  Like the 1770s/80s and the 1860s, it may shape many decades to come.   I seek to serve rightly – in my hierarchy of duties.  Ready to go.

And for the record – in this Introspection 2011, so pleased when Cousin Carolyn Todd said tonight, “There’s a lot of your Daddy in you.”


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