Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 10, 2011

Anita Hill x Many Times

Herman Cain faces many Anita Hills

I was in the hospital with a back injury during the Clarence Thomas hearings.   Watched every minute and was moved deeply by the drama underneath the political circus.  Here we go again, 20 years later, with more politics about sex – to destroy a Conservative.  Especially, a Conservative Black not on the Democrat plantation.

In the next 12 months, there could be 50 more women complaining about sexual harassment.  It’s the same political theater.

Let’s pretend Herman Cain said or did something inappropriate.   15 years ago.  If it was intolerable, it was intolerable 15 years ago.  Nothing suddenly becomes bad, morally, when a man is on the cusp of great political power.

Let more facts come out.  If they do.  Look hard at the facts – as they are.  Until then, don’t throw Herman Cain on the political ash heap.

See if he has committed serial adultery like John Kennedy or John Edwards.   See if he cheated like Newt Gingerich or Teddy Kennedy.  See if he took advantage of subordinates like Bill Clinton.  See if his subordinate’s claims were like those against Bill O’Reilly.   See if had homosexual relations with a male prostitute like Barney Frank.   Wait and see.

Just, wait and see.


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