Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 28, 2011

Alternative Futures to 2028 for the U.S. Army

A good week of work on alternative futures to 2028

Endex for the Alternative Futures workshop for the Army.   The audience was about a third government (mainly Army), a third academics, a third corporate long range planners and futurists and Allied Officers.   All unclassified.  Personally, a long great week of work.  Glad to be back into Futures after 8 years of research and development, business development, concepts, and managing people.

Interesting to say the least.  Even though there were no big surprises to me.  There were some particular news nuggets and insights of interest.   I like hearing about different things going on around the world and in technology.

It is amazing to me how everyone thinks the politicians and civilian defense professionals for any Administration in 2013 are going to hollow out the Army.  Again.  Some think the Obama Administration is going to start making the cuts next year.  It is so frustrating to see such stupidity in power and on the march again.

Also, it was very interesting to see how the subject of our domestic U.S. Culture War divided the working group.   I had forgotten how many Liberals are in uniform and civil service.  I should have remembered.  Shows me, again, how divided our country really is.

At the plenary session at the end, a lady professor stood up and said, with a catch of emotion in her voice, that she had never worked with military.  But, after 30 years in academia she thought her colleagues had much to learn about openness and intellectual honesty.  Wow.   Wish that would get around the MSM.   The Army isn’t cooking the books on the future.   The Army is looking at what really might be required in Land Warfare for the next 20 years.  Hooah.



  1. James facilitated a great week of thinking about weak signals, signposts, game changers, trends and implications about the strategic and operational environment out to 2028.

    Thanks James! Enjoyed the dialogue!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment. Your participation was great – engaged and significant. Hooah.

  3. […] about the future of war? In Alternative Futures to 2028 for the U.S. Army, James Atticus Bowden observes that the Army provides a curiously open and intellectually honest […]

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