Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 20, 2011

Courageous: The Movie and Life

Go see this movie

Another great movie from Albany, Georgia.  Much better than from Hollywood.   Because this depiction of drama and comedy called life includes the one, true, living God that so many people outside of Hollywood know in a personal relationship.   The sum of the story is the heart of much is what is wrong with America and Western Civilization.  Namely, men who are fathers need to be Christian fathers.  Men need to live the real courage it takes to be Christian fathers.  The ‘how to’ do exactly that is in the Bible.   It takes the turning of a man’s heart and mind and strength and soul to love God completely.  Then, the daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Christian father – which means being courageous.   Now is the time for all men to choose – for them and their house to follow the Lord or not.

Personal note.  This was a very emotional film for me.  Punch in the gut.  Knife in the heart.   Not because I lament not being a man follower of Christ.  No wailing for years lost without the Lord.  Nope.

At the age of 32 I set my face to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  T0 read the Bible daily.  To obey God.  I was married with two children – blessed with last one two years later.   I actually did the things mentioned in the movie.  Led my family to church.  Tried to lead by example.  Loved my family with all my heart.  Provided for them.  Set standards.   Loved unconditionally.   Laughed.    Was blessed by taking Isaiah 59-21 as my personal covenant.

Looking back from age 60 – almost 61 – to age 32 I see a long, long winding path up a rocky hill, through a narrow gate far away – and ahead I only see a steep climb up, more rocks and blue sky.   Can’t see beyond the high ridge.   Willing to keep on trudging, but weary, truly weary of feeling the failures and faults in the histories and relationships of my most beloved ones.  Life hasn’t been Hollywood happy or even Albany, Georgia Baptist Church movie making marvelous.  Life is a challenge.  People are people.  And, God is good.  All the time.  No matter what.   No matter what.




  1. Great post, Jim. My father was a verbally abusive alcoholic. I lived a throw-away life because my father made me feel like a throw-away girl. In my mid twenties I came to Jesus and offered Him my shipwreck in exchange for His love, grace, peace, and forgiveness. Wow. Let the healing begin!

    Your discription of the steep and endless climb, with no end in sight is brilliant. At one point I had to divorce myself from my family to detox emotionally and spiritually. I fully expected never to speak to my dad again, and possibly, my well meaning, endlessly loving, enabling, mother. The only vision I had of crying over my dad at the funeral I imagined was for what could have been and never was. But God…

    My dad turned 82 last April. And for those of you who wonder if it’s too late, I am happy, and perpetually amazed to report, that my father and I have the sweetest, most tender hearted relationship any father and daughter could ask for.

    There is a Way. His name is Jesus.

  2. So grateful that these words connected for you, Catherine. What a blessing for peace and reconciliation in this life. Many, many people never get any healing in their lives. Thank You, Jesus.

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