Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 17, 2011

Jay Leno Asks Michele Bachmann About Homosexual Marriage

The slant of the questions shows that simple can be insipid

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Jay Leno put Michele Bachmann, a candidate for President of the United States, in her place from the start.  She was the second quest, not the headliner.  Then, he got to the issue that concerned him the most – homosexual marriage.  Hollywood, go figure.

Leno took a jab at asking her how Bachmann and her husband’s counseling center could change a homosexual into a heterosexual.  Not that Jay phrased it that way.   Bachmann blew past the central question – and soft-pedaled how no one is turned away or denied their point of view.

The rest of the interview revolved around these two simple questions Jay Leno posed:

1.  How does a homosexual marriage affect his heterosexual marriage?

2.  Why can’t homosexuals marry and be happy?

Michele Bachmann didn’t back down.  She talked about families being a foundation of society.

But, seriously, so much more should be said to such simpleton questions.

Like, marriage between one man and one woman isn’t about you, Jay, as if the world revolved around you.   The state has a compelling interest in regulating marriage.  Every government from the tiniest tribe to the greatest civilization has done so.  All of them.  For all time.  None of them every confused homosexual sex with marriage.   None until the folly of this age reached its current foolish heights.

Since the state has a responsbility to make rules about marriage, which other rules would Jay like to change?  Can brothers and sisters marry?  How about parents and children?   How about any adult and any child?  How about a Muslim man having four wives?  A Mormon having forty wives?

How can Jay object to changing these rules.  Wouldn’t it make these people happy?  What has Jay got against these people being happy?  Who says these different combinations of persons can’t have lovely families – and everyone be such a perfect family?

When questions like Jay Leno’s are the substance of political discourse – even for an entertainment program, it makes the simple become insipid.  And, when people actually follow such questions as if there are serious, it is an insidious dumbing down of America.




  1. Don’t expect to find much above the simpleton level on TV. It’s about ratings and cost. Serious news and entertainment cost money to produce. “Pushing the envelope” with lame junk like homosexual rights costs next to nothing, but it keeps people who don’t know better watching.

    Think about what it means to push the envelope. It comes from the world of flying. The “envelope” is defined by the performance parameters of the aircraft. Designers put a cushion within those parameters. If a pilot stays within that cushion, he can count on his plane remaining intact.

    If God is your designer, and He has given you a performance envelope, only a fool operates outside of that envelope. Unfortunately, we are talking about the human race…..

    In the entertainment world, we have people who crave attention. These people will happily perform outside the envelope stunts in order to get attention. With the homosexual rights issue, they get the opportunity to appear as risk-takers to the public and avant-garde within the own notoriously wacky community. In actual fact, however, unless they do so off stage, they take no risk. That risk they foist on the next generation with their bad example.

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