Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 14, 2011

Give Me Solyndra’s Deal

Crony Capitalism is the nice word for corruption - political business as usual

Solyndra got about $500 million in Federal money – your taxes and money printed out of thin air – to create ‘green’ jobs producing solar energy.   The Obama Administration made it happen.  Now, the company is bankrupt.  The jobs are gone – whatever jobs were created in a couple of years.   And the Federal money is gone.

I have a S corporation.  BowdenHouse Inc.   So, where do I get my $500 million?  I promise to create green jobs.  Or blue union jobs.  Or red jobs.  Polka dot if necessary.

What do I have to do to get $500 million in Federal investments?

The House of Representatives – and in 2013 the new President – should investigate every detail of Solyandra’s finances.   Put them out for the public to see.

How much were the executives paid?  What were their perks?

How much did the corporation give in donations – to whom?

Where did the corporations invest money – how much?
Where did every penny go?

Show and tell.

And, let me know how to get $500 million invested in BowdenHouse.



  1. LOL. Just another example of white collar crimes and corruption at the higher and well connected levels. It never stops. Enron was a highly visible scandal leading to new laws and regulations. Then we have Bernie Madoff and the mortgage backed securities scam. And when you look back in history, you can find all kinds of similar examples. We need to start stringing these criminals up in a public square . I put white collar crimes on par with traitors and murders. Our best and brightest use the system to line their pockets at the expense of a huge number of other folks. It really gets under my skin.

  2. The Chinese do public executions for white collar crime. Thanks for your comment.

    Frankly, if they went to the Fed Supermax prison, that would be pretty bad. Or build another just for them to never see the sky again.

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