Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 11, 2011

Two Surprises About 9 11

Timing and ignorance were surprises

I had two surprises about 9-11.  The timing of the attack and the appalling ignorance of so many Americans on Islam and world history

1.  The timing – the actual year – of the attack was a surprise.   The attack itself and the means – civilian airliners – were not a surprise.  Using civilian airplanes as weapons was played in the Army After Next Wargames (1997-2000).  I was on the Red Teams that covered the whole gamut of possible tactics, techniques and procedures for terrorists.   These discussions were unclassified.

But, my personal estimate of when the Islamists would attack was around 2005.   Sometime around then, give or take a year, I expected the U.S. would be hit by a major terrorist attack.

I was working in my home office for the Army Future Combat Systems project when I heard on the radio that a plane had hit the Twin Towers.  I looked at the blue, blue sky outside my window and knew the weather was not that different today up in NYC.   So, I got up and turned on the TV in our master bedroom.   I knew America was being attacked.   Within a few minutes my oldest daughter called from her office in Charlottesville.  I heard the concern in her voice.  I told her it was a terrorist attack.  I was watching and talking to her on the phone when the first tower went down.  I had no idea it was going to fall.

In the days that followed, I was amazed, gratefully, that the casualties weren’t much, much higher.

2.  American’s appalling ignorance of Islam today and throughout history was a complete surprise.   I knew Liberals believed in the multi-cultural fairy tales that being Muslim is like being Methodist.  Just another religion in the wonderful diversity of America.  I wrote op eds to educate.  Ten years later, I am more amazed at how willful many Americans are in persisting to wallow in ignorance.

Islam is no religion of peace.  It’s only the peace of the dead and the subjugated.   Islam is a bloody barbarism that hasn’t improved from the 13th century.   Islam is a totalitarian ideology that includes a religion.

Islam’s Sharia law is anti-thetical to the Rule of Law in our American branch of Western Civilization.   Supporting Sharia Law in America makes a person a domestic enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

Islamists are a naturally occurring 10% of today’s Muslim population.   They are following the letter and history of the Koran, not hijacking Islam.  The bloody history of Islam started in 627 A.D. – and never stopped its murder, robbery, rape, conquest, suppression, and oppression.

Muslims may be lovely people, but their religion is a blot on humankind – like the murderous Aztec religion and Islam’s pagan heritage in Baal.  Islam is as evil as any pagan religion – ever.   The exceptions to the rule are when Islam is ignored – secularized and modernized to accept innovations of Western Civilization.

I’m dismayed at the continuing willful ignorance of elected officials about Islam – or what is their willful cowardice.



  1. I was at the AAN wargame at Carlisle in 1997 as I recall. It was the first year of it. I was stationed at TRADOC as the USMC LNO. I wish that I had the opportunity to meet you then. As I recall, most of the initial action in that year’s game was in space against C2 systems.

    On 9/11 I was again stationed at Ft. Monroe as the deputy commander of JTF-Civil Support whose mission was consequence management for WMD terrorist acts. I was in our morning meeting with our CG when we were interrupted. We got very busy, very quickly. . .

    While I share your amazement as to our nation’s refusal to understand and confront Islam, my biggest “surprise” was that the anti-American element of the far left (the ones who didn’t carry peace signs but NVA and Communist flags) that began to take over the Democrat party in 1968 had become so entrenched in it and in academia, that Professors like Ward Churchill and Barack Obama might be revered by the media and a large and still growing part of our population BECAUSE of their anti-Americanism. There is today a sizable group that truly believes that the United States is the evil power in the world. As we represent all that is right and good in western thought particularly Christianity which is at its root. They hate us so much that they have entered into a “devil’s pact” with radical Islam, simply because they too hate America. Hard to believe that the feminists, homosexuals and Communists/socialists would side with Islam which hates them too, but happily uses them as useful idiots.

    • There was a Spring game and a Fall game in 97. Sorry, we didn’t get to know each other there. I created, and lead the team to put it together, for the Red for the first and the Orange – an Islamic terrorist-gang based in Aceh, Sumatra – and coached both teams.

      The Tactical Wargames in Leavenworth were the meat and potatoes – the good stuff – for thinking through capabilities for the future.

  2. Thanks for your Article, James. America better get its act together or else it will fall just like the Persian and Byzantine empire did. Because of the failures of those two empires to defeat Islam the world was plunged into a dark age that resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people. America is the world’s only hope and Christianity is America’s only hope. In our present history so much is at stake now is not the time to be bashful. We have to face the enemy and take them out before its too late.

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