Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 5, 2011

A Way Ahead for Labor

The Right to Work is a right for states to decide

Last year at Labor Day I wrote about the legacy of organized union labor bequeathed to me.  And, how today’s labor leaders have betrayed the union rank and file by being socialist, stupid and liberal.

Thank goodness Virginia is a right to work state.   It means unions have to earn their membership.   They can’t use the power of the state to force membership against the individual.

Consider some ways unions could earn more membership in the future – and deserve them.

  • Understand that creating capital creates jobs.   Help create capital.  Understand the shared responsibility, risk and reward.
  • Responsibility.  Push for huge cuts in corporate taxes.   Keeping the capital in the company creates jobs.
  • Risk.  Push for more stock as pay and benefits.  Everyone shares the risk to make profit – and produce more capital.  Let everyone share the same plan for medical, vacation, retirement, etc.
  • Reward.  Negotiate – insist – on rewards being shared – say every dollar over $x in bonuses, etc is split 50:50 with the individual executive and labor’s common pot.

Labor has a future.

But, not if Labor pursues century old socialist failures and folly – killing capital and killing jobs.   Killing the dignity of labor with more job losses.  Killing opportunity.  Killing hope.

Labor needs to do like the Tea Party to the Republican Party – clean out the established career politicians and replace them with people who can make the changes needed for the future.



  1. Interesting take on the shared reward. . . good points all.
    Bottom line for me is: voluntary. I like the point about earning their membership.

    • Thanks. Unions really need reform from the bottom up. And, I really believe they have a future – an important role – if they do.

  2. Unions can whine and cry all they want about the “outsourcing of jobs.” They get what they deserve because they have priced themselves right out of business.

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