Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 4, 2011

End of Summer 2011

Different water view than mine, yet Summer as I see it

Photo from the Richmond Times Dispatch.  COASTAL AND CHESAPEAKE BAY. South Main Pier. Photographer: Ron Hugo of Lee Mont. Location: Overlooking Chincoteague Inlet at Chincoteague Island

Labor Day is the end of Summer in our minds.  The heat lingers, but our focus changes to a new school year and, frankly, new work year given the rhythms of office work.   As much as I exult in every Season the Lord provides – and treasure our Tidewater Virginia autumn with its Indian Summer in early November most years – I regret Summer taking its good leave.

After church worship and teaching Sunday School, I spent the day outside.   All day.  As is my wont as long as it is warm from March through November whenever I can.  Such a welcomed day of complete rest.  Listened to Country music all the while.  Didn ‘t do a lick of work, even though the weeds were within such easy reach.

Tomorrow, on the real holiday of Labor Day, I’ll rise and get going – fortified with food, OJ, coffee and whatever praise music pops in my head upon rising.   I’ll work all day.  Finish painting the room I am relocating my home office.  Get ready for dayjob and impending changes when we likely lose our contract any day now – with a happy heart.  Start the new year with my face forward.  Especially, since I got such wonderful rest today in sultry, sweet heat of Summer.

Thought about so many things.  The folly of life.  The purpose of life.  One small life past, present and possible future.  The loves and passions in life.  The relationships that make life worth living.  The sad tragedy of mistakes made and re-made over and over.   The Grace from God that smooths life’s sharp edges.   The Glory of God that this life is just the start of eternal life – not a dysfunctional endurance test.  And more random thoughts.

And, how I wish I could communicate all that I think and feel to those I love.    I’ve done some sharing – told I wear my heart on my sleeve on the one hand and that I keep my own counsel on the other (not sure they conflict really) – and keep trying, but don’t know, can’t know, if they understand the depth, breadth, the power of my abiding love, joy, and treasure in them – just as they are.

Those who I love – is the oblique language for a public blog of my circles of relationships from the innermost family outward.    I know to love others as I love myself – is the second greatest commandment from Lord Jesus Christ.   So, I love others in the outer circles with agape love – even though ‘love’ might be  awkward to their ears.  I hope they sense lovingkindness – even if they don’t know the Biblical distinctions of agape, eros, philos and familias love.

It was a good day for me to have this long interior dialogue – and share every thought consciously with the living God.  Ready for tomorrow.   Ready for a new year.   Ready for whatever, whenever, however.

God is good.  All the time.  No matter what.


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