Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | August 7, 2011

A Garland Moment

A wedding where Jesus Christ was the guest of honor

A Garland moment is when a Christian has something on their mind and the Holy Ghost provides answers in amazingly quick time.  It is most amazing when a Baby Christian has it – and is astounded.  Over and over until amazing becomes an accepted way of life in the walk with Lord Jesus Christ.  Communication with Father, Son and Holy Ghost becomes prayer without ceasing.   Life becomes a string of Garland moments.

A Garland moment is when you are reading the Bible and ponder the meaning of a passage.  Then,  you read something else, hear a song, someone speaks to you or have a flash of insight when you see something – anything – and the epiphany is yours.

A Garland moment is when you don’t know what to say to someone with a problem.   A Bible verse comes to mind or you see it on church signs.  It provides the precise words as balm for the hurting person.

A Garland moment is when you can’t get some Bible verse or words from the Bible in a song out of your head.   They come back for weeks.  Then, something happens and you see how the Bible words fit the situation.

Garland moments happen because the Bible is the Word of God.   The one, only, true, living God.   He communicates with humans through His Word.  Furthermore, Christians have a part of His Spirit, the Holy Ghost, physically living with them in their flesh bodies.   This Holy Ghost is the paraclete – the comforter who takes our every thought, word, and deed to God in Heaven.  The result is many, many Garland moments for Believers.

I call these times Garland moments for Garland Moore.   Garland is a year older than my daughter – so I have seen him grow for 22 of his 27 years.  I taught Garland in Sunday School on and off through his teenage years.  Last year he came to my old men’s class (I am one of the youngest men) and mature adult (I am the oldest male there) small group Bible study.   He shared how he was studying the Word and living life – and how the discoveries of clarity and insight came to him.  He was struck with awe, thanksgiving and joy for each of these moments.  We called them “Garland moments.”

There was a different kind of Garland moment on Friday August 6th.   He got married to Anna Gloria Toner.  The wedding was wonderful.   Lord Jesus Christ was the guest of honor.

Anna is the only woman to visit the old men’s class I teach in the 5 years or so I’ve been teacher.  What a delight.   She is a young woman whose spirit and spunk is as powerful as her youthful beauty is bright.

Garland proved himself to her father for a year before he could get engaged with the father’s blessing.

Garland’s father also is in my class.  He is a widower who showed Christ-like love in the lovingkindness care he gave his wife through the tough ending years of her life.   His toast was given in full, unquavering voice which honored his wife, Garland’s mother, and served Lord Jesus Christ.  

Garland and Anna’s verse, John 15:12:  Love each other in the same way I have loved you.

Amen. Amen. Amen.



  1. Thank you for those good words, Jim. I haven’t thought about The Garland Moment in a while. It was wonderful having Garland as a part of our group.

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