Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 13, 2011

Cutting Up America’s Credit Cards

Not raising the credit limit = Cutting the credit cards

Mom and Pop America, the insanely indulgent parents of their spoiled son – Barry, sent him off to college.   They gave him a new car, new computer, clothes, fridge – you name it – and a large monthly allowance.

The first semester on his own he took his $3,000.oo credit card to the limit.  They got him a $6,000.00 card.  Barry maxed that out in his second semester.   The next year he maxed out a two $12,000.00 cards.   Now, Barry is finishing his third year pretending to be a grown up at college.  He is approaching the limit for a $22,000.00 credit card.

What should his parents do?  Get him a new credit card to just get through his last year?  Or, cut up his credit cards.

You know the answer.  Let the elected Republicans in Congress know what they should do.   No kicking the can down the road.  No compromise with crazy ideas that are killing our economy.

And, if the President is so incompetent or calculating that he purposefully does not meet his Constitutional duties to pay our debts first (14th Amendment), then spell it out in simple legislation that even the main stream ministry of propaganda can understand.   If he continues, impeach him.



  1. Super well said! We probably can’t impeach him in practice given the snakelike politicians in Washington (I don’t think that snakes know what “impeach” means), but we need to teach Patriots to think that way, and one day it’ll really happen. It took the British about 400 years to go from the Magna Carta in the late 1200s to the late 1600s and early 1700s Acts of Parliament that made the Magna Carta into a reality, and they spent that time educating each other.

    Osher Doctorow

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