Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 11, 2011

Obama Not Connecting the Dots on the Economy

Socialists never connect the dots in the economy

If Obama could connect the dots above he would draw a Goofy dog that isn’t as goofy as his economic folly, fantasy and fatal attraction with socialism.

His political posturing on raising the debt ceiling isn’t even good political theater.  His contradictory quotes – captured on film – aren’t even year old.  Like, the wrongheaded notion of raising taxes in a recession.  Yet, Obama is demanding Republicans raise some taxes f0r the political symbolism.

His actions would be clueless and comic if the pain and suffering it causes real American families wasn’t so criminal.

Obama tripled the deficits – annually.  And doubled the total debt of the Nation.  Obama, not Bush.   If spending is 1.5 Trillion in the red every year, then cutting spending by .5 Trillion doesn’t fix the problem.  It doesn’t connect the dots in the economy.

If raising taxes kills jobs and lowers revenue over time, then raising taxes doesn’t solve the problem.

If a rich man pays more taxes on his corporate jet – assuming in individual pays the taxes, not a corporation – then where does the money go?  It doesn’t help any of the 50% of Americans who don’t pay taxes.  They don’t pay taxes regardless of how much the richs are soaked.  The money taken out of the economy kills jobs.  Minimum wage jobs first.  The money will be spent by government.  It doesn’t go to pay down a debt.  It may pay interest on the U.S. debt – making Chinese investors wealthy.  Even if it went to welfare – every penny – less than 28 cents in welfare payments come out for every dollar taken in taxes.

The dots don’t connect.

When Obama whines about the rich paying the fair share – really a lot more – in taxes, their money taken in taxes has nothing to do with the poor person’s light or negligent load in taxes.  The dots don’t connect.

Democrat rhetoric on the economy is like what Lenin said when socialism first failed to work in the Soviet Union.   Lenin and the Communists blamed every economic failure on counter-revolutionaries sabotaging the economy.  Obama and the Democrats blame the Republicans for sabotaging what they can’t possible damage, much less control.

Obama’s economic policies created the 9.2% unemployment, the deadly deficits and the runaway entitlements in the new, socialized Obamacare healthcare.

Connect the dots, America.



  1. Excellent analysis.

    I would add that there was a trap which Patriots fell into when Republicans decided to put the Deficit, Taxes, and Spending as their 3 top Congressional priorities rather than Closed Borders against Illegals, throwing the U.N. and China and the Federal Reserve out of the USA and out of our financial system, urging the public to buy goods and services from Self-Employed people (including Seniors) rather than from Big Govt and Liberal Big Corporations.

    The trap is simple. Deficits, Taxes, Spending involve contradictions and long-term effects which unscrupulous and even some moderately “scrupulous” lawyers can take advantage of and fool the public with. This is not the case with Closed Borders, throwing the U.N. and China out, etc. With Closed Borders, throwing the U.N. and China and the Fed out, etc., what you see is what you get. We can educate the public about Deficits, Taxes, Spending in our own Red States and keep them down there, but we can’t expect RINOs in Congress to help us at the Congressional level.

    Osher Doctorow

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  3. Thanks O D for your comment. Elected officials will do what the electorate demands, if the electorate demands specific votes or else it is their job.

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