Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 4, 2011

John’s Choice in 1776

American Soldier Patriots looking their best

John Bowden (II) lived in Isle of Wight County, Virginia in 1776.  His father, John I, was transported there from the docket in Kent County, England in 1752 as a convict.   Our family legend is the crime was sheep thief.   In the 1760s after John had served his years, he served as a rent assessor for Virginia in addition to farming near Blackwater Swamp River.  He made the detailed inventory of a deceased person’s possessions for taxes.

So, what was the choice John the second and his four brothers faced in 1776?   They owned land.  Virginia declared its independence in May 1776.   All the colonies would band together to do it in July.   An Army had been in the field fighting since June 1775.  Should John throw his lot in with the revolutionaries committing treason against the Crown’s government?  Or, go with the most powerful country in the world – the established legal authority of the Parliament of the United Kingdom?  Or, try to pretend to be neutral?

Losing the war could mean death by hanging or decapitation.   His family could be transported to anywhere in the world the Union Jack flew – and dumped penniless.   They would lose all their possessions and their freedom.  Was any fight worth that future?

I wish I could have heard the conversation around the table then.

John and his brother Thomas signed up for the Virginia regiments in the Continental Line.   8th Virginia.   Brother Jesse would die in Philadelphia.   Two other brothers served in the Virginia State Line.

They risked it all.  Everything.  And they created a country that was birthed by armed conflict – war.

235 years later We The People are close to losing the country they created.   The Constitutional order that followed their Revolution – in 1787 – is in shreds.  Almost 40% of the population supports the destruction of America as it was to create the socialist, racist, anti-Christian, open borders, Islamic dhimmi, politically correct, weakling.

John had to a face a third of his neighbors as Tories.   We have more against us – but they aren’t armed.  They are the education bureaucracy, higher education, media and entertainment, most courts, many powerful businesses, sissy Christian churches and priests, much of the unions and government workers and the Democrat Party.

Our choices for the future of America are as starkly different as those John faced.  John could fight for the rights of Englishmen or see them pass away for his family and generations to come – for all living away from the Mother Country.

We must choose our future now.  Freedom or not.  Family economic opportunity or not.  Defend the Christian Faith or not.   Freedom, family and faith.

July 4th, 2011:  I choose to stand shoulder to shoulder with ancestor  John.  If he did, I can.   My fight will be with words and votes – but with the same passion to win.



  1. I believe we are in the midst of a Great Second Civil War between at least 3 parties:

    1) His soldiers and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexuals who are getting wealthier and more powerful with every passing day.

    2) His soldiers and the conglomerate media industries that turn anything and everything into profit.

    3) His soldiers and the radical Muslims.

    I wonder what would happen if the millions/billions of people who call themselves Christians joined us as His soldier disciples. But then again, there’s always Gideon.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I think the LGBT fight is part of a larger Culture War.

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