Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 23, 2011

Obama Schedules Surrender

The Obama banner

When President Obama announces his schedule to withdraw from Afghanistan, he is scheduling surrender.   It simplifies the Taliban planning process immensely.  They can calculate how many fighters are needed in each province to overcome the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) and when they need to be ready to go.

Obama is surrendering the operational and tactical initiative to the enemy.  Military planners would plan on keeping the surge in place until the desired results are gained – not some politically-driven date on the election calendar.

Obama is surrendering US leadership in NATO to signal – Bug Out Now – to our allies serving in Afghanistan.

Obama is surrendering the battlefield in Afghanistan to the Taliban.  If the Taliban succeeds against the ANA, Obama or any US President will find it very difficult to respond decisively.

Obama is surrendering the government’s trust with its soldiers.   Soldiers lives should not be spent, wounded or wasted away from families for futile exercises on foreign soil.  Victory is not futile.




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