Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 1, 2011

Democrats Are the Real Anti-

The Official Seal of Democrats

Recently, the new Chairwitch of the Democrat National Committee may two remarkably stupid comments.  Many more are sure to follow through her tenure.   She said Republicans wanted to criminalize illegal aliens.  Stop.  Read that again s-l-o-w-l-y.  Does she have a law degree?  Guess what illegal means.   (crickets cherping).

Then, she said Republicans were anti-Women.  I think because we are Pro-Life and Anti-Abortion.  Anti-all women?  Or, just Liberal Human Secularist women?  Or, simply against stupid Liberal women?  Go figure.

Made me think about what Democrats are anti-.   Here is a short list.  I am sure we can grow it considerably.

Democrats are Anti-


Baby, business, borders

Christian, corporate, character


English as an Official Language

Fun food, Federalism, (fetus), faith, free speech


Hate speech from Conservatives, Christians, straights, Southerners, etc in the hierarchy of evil


Justice – real justice, joy in the simple journey of life

Knowledge not nonsense


Morality, majority rule, and minority leaving the plantation


Organized religion unless it is Islam

Peace through strength

Questioning authority when they are in power

Responsibility, rational empiricism, Rule of Law – as written

States Rights, sanity

Tea Party

United States of America, one Nation under God


West, work, wisdom

eXceptionalism for America and the West

You – if you are an ordinary American who provides for you and yours

Zoe (life)


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