Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 28, 2011

Fleeting Spring

A burst of beauty passed to new, different glory in green

It’s Summer in Tidewater Virginia.  Thermometer is insistent that it is so.  Spring, fleeting Spring, is gone.   What was it?

Spring followed a real Winter.  It was a real Winter for Tidewater.   It was nothing like the Yankee, European, Korean or Alaskan Winters I’ve endured.  Yet, it kept me in a sweater before the gas fire at nights long into March.  Then, the color just burst out in the cool air, bright blue sky and fresh, new wind.

Spring burst into beauty.   Easter came early.

Every joy that comes with Resurrection Sunday resounded in the glory of the moment.  Unseen to any person, but well-known and deeply felt in my mind and heart, the triumph of Jesus and the horrible, personal price He paid for me echoed through me more than a thousand bass drums.

Every sound, smell, sight and touch of Spring played the memories of Springs past.  Every echo of memory asked what will be in Springs to come.

Every relationship lived the rituals and rites of everyday living and specific Spring duties.

And it was gone.

The beauty transformed.  It didn’t disappear.  The promise of warmth fulfilled itself in sweltering heat.  The glory of life exploded as expected.

The joy in the journey was measured in minutes that made special the hours that made glorious the days and nights that made complete and grateful the season.

Yet, near and far there was hurt, pain, disease, murder and death abounded in a fallen and sinful world – among a fallen and sinful people.   Close by among family, friends, community and country.   Across the world to fellow humans and to dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Yet, trials and tragedy don’t defeat Spring.   Just as death didn’t defeat Lord Jesus Christ.  He defeated death.  Because He lives, we do.  In Him Spring’s promise is more than Nature – as abundant and beautiful as Nature amazes every single Spring.

This time, this life, like our glorious white pear tree, is beautifully white for just a bit.   It’s wonderful to see.  Wonderful to live.

It’ll be nice to see again in another year.  And, it is overwhelming, incredible and wonderful to know that when these Springs can’t be seen again, ever, the darkness lasts but a second before there is an explosion of light.  A bright white.   Absent the body, present in the Lord.

Fleeting spring 2011 has been and fled.   Thank You, Lord Jesus.


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